Friday, January 24, 2020

Computer Problems And Fixes

TBT here:  While I am waiting for a possible repair appointment on Tuesday, I am trying to make my OLDEST Mac Mini basically functional.  So far, I have managed to upgrade the Operating System to "High Sierra" from some 2014 version.  That allows some programs that I restored from my external backup drive to operate. 

I can't get at my email, though.  New messages are sitting on an AOL server somewhere.  I just can't download them.  If you get an "undeliverable" message, just wait.  When the power port is repaired (I can't believe it, but it may take several weeks), I SHOULD be able to get at them then.

I made the mistake of upgrading the CURRENT Mac Mini to the Mac  "Catalina " OS in December and that made almost all my programs obsolete.  And trying to fix THAT is what led to all my current problems.

Thinking I needed a newer Mac Mini, I ordered one, and attempted to migrate my CURRENT one to it.  The NEW one doesn't have the storage memory of the Current one (apparently Apple expected me to move to iCloud, so desktop storage would not be as important).  350 GB will not fit on a 128 GB drive...

Swapping computers around, I managed to drop the CURRENT Mac Mini and the power port stopped working.  So the NEW one wouldn't hold the CURRENT one and the CURRENT one won't start.

Which is why  I'm S L O W L Y finding ways to get the OLDEST Mac Mini functioning.  I have some good news.  With the High Sierra OS downloaded to the OLDEST Mac Mini, my iPhotos app works, Firefox works, my antivirus program works, and MS Word and Excel work.

I can get by on that for a while.  Not having email is driving me crazy, though.  I get up in the morning and want to check it.  I use it for reading new blog comments.  I have SOME friends I only know through email; I can't even call them to tell them I am having problems.

Meanwhile, the local Geek Squad says to expect several weeks before I get the CURRENT one repaired and returned.  They have to send it to an Apple repair center.  They do software fixes but aren't allowed to do hardware repair. 

The nearest Apple repair store is a 60 mile roundtrip and they won't promise to fix it (I smoke, so they say "it depends").  So I have to drive 60 miles just to let them decide.  A local PC computer repair store says they will sometimes to simple hardware work on Macs, but I have to talk to the owner Monday.

Just wanted to keep everyone advised...

BTW, I do have some pre-scheduled cat posts saved.  They will be a couple of weeks old, but we aren't a "today right now" blog, and something is better than nothing. 

We'll be back to normal eventually...


  1. Wow, this sure turned into a big headache!

  2. Long time ago, I spilled tea into my Mac laptop...Oops, costly boo-boo...but they were able to repair it to almost new, at the nearest Apple Store, a 100 mile round took about two weeks if I recall correctly.

    I can tell myself, hooray, I did not upgrade to dare they use Cat in their name, MOL!

    It IS frustrating when you cannot contact the outside world in the way you want to. Once when our internet was dead, for several days, I went to the local best buy and checked my email there! (on their computer displays, not sure if you can still do that.)

  3. We are real sorries about TBT's metal boxes of magic. I myself don't much care about them, though I really do like seeing my furiends (NOT OFTEN ENOUGH ::glares at Human::)
    Iza Lambie, I do miss you and your beautiful silken tummy furs! You know how I love to rest my furry little head and purr for you. XOXOXO
    Now, listen--and keep this message away from Ayla and Marley: You really ARE the only cat--I mean of course TBT likes A&M but YOU are his very bestest girl in all the world! You are the favorite! But we won't tell the others that. It might hurt their feelings and stuff. But *I* know it! And deep down you know it too. XOXOXO

  4. It is ridiculous that it could take several weeks to repair your computer. It seems that Apple don't want anyone else trying to fix their computers but don't employ enough people to work on them. That is not good enough.
    I have Windows but even that tries to get me to save everything to the Cloud. I had my new PC in the beginning of January and was getting endless messages every day that my Cloud account was full and to buy extra storage or clear space.
    I think on the previous computer I must have accepted to have my photos stored there. I don't want them there! I save everything to an external HD and also to USB sticks, so everything is backed up in two different places that I can easily access. I did manage to turn the notifications off eventually, but when will they realise not everyone wants to use the Cloud.
    Do you have an internet cafe near you, or a library with computers you can use to catch up with your emails?

  5. Oh Noes! Ditto to just about everything you wrote, 'cept for us it's a PC, not a Mac. Started at Thanksgiving! (Sorry) ... Managed to get a temporary fix; made it through December. On January 3 the real fun began ... thankfully trips to-and-fro for getting all the repairs done are only a 15-min drive but always have to leave it behind a few days!!! Gave up on Geek Squad, contract runs out next month anyway. Finding MicroCenter much better, no more costly (got contract with them) to work with (tho no real phone support like Geeks).
    Use CARBONITE for back up for a few years now; 100% satisfied with it, had to do complete back up through them twice, worked great. So I wish you well (and feel your pain) ... nothing said here is likely of any use to you, but know how frustrating it is when we're so dependent on our tech stuff, because we need it for some things and just plain enjoy it for other things!
    Good luck, Mark ... Guess we all need to send you "Snail Mail Hugs"

  6. You are all SO GREAT! I thought it was just me having problems.

    Summer - Yeah it's a headache, and what cat needs a headache?

    Meezers - I missed detaching one cable on the CURRENT Mac Mini, and I saw the wine bottle falling over I dropped the CURRENT Mac Mini and it fell to the floor, damaging the power port. And really, DON'T upgrade to Catalina. Apple takes over with that. All new programs you have to buy I think.

    Memories Of Eric And Flynn - (Not really sure how to address you in person like now). But you are right, it IS ridiculous that it takes weeks to get a computer fixed. Apple is rather evil in some ways. They actually do NOT want anyone else to fix their computers. Even the Geek Squad is not allowed to even open the computer to make hardware repairs.

    And I an distrust the Cloud. Like you, I want my stuff on my desktop. My control. Just give me more memory... I'll learn to use detachable external drives if I must.

    Zoolatry - Ann, Yeah, we have learned that the Geek Squad is just a software group. They want me to pay them $90 to ship my Mac Mini to an Apple repair center and maybe it comes back working, no guarantees (not their fault if it can't be fixed). I can ship it to an Apple repair store for $10 and get it back directly.

  7. I love Macs but they are definitely not cheap or easy to deal with. They'd probably prefer you to buy a new one every time something goes wrong.

    You could check mail on a library computer.

  8. We know how frustrating those problems can be and we sure hope you get it all resolved soon and hopefully Apple dan actually fix it for you.

  9. Yeah. I could check email on the OLDEST Mac Mini but I don't have the passwords. It's all on the CURRENT computer which I can't make start. My notebook of passwords don't work for the email. It must have got changed and I lost the scribbled note...

  10. Yikes! What an ordeal. I just buy hp laptops from Walmart for about $200, they last a few years and when they break I get a new one.

  11. We were going to suggest accessing your email from your mobile phone but then We saw your reply to someone about not having the passwords :-(
    Hope you can get it sorted out soon. Apple appliances seem designed to force you to replace them, rather than increase the memory. That's why We prefurr Microsoft (well, Our Human does). We can add memory - and We also have an external hard disk.

  12. We just got a new puter and it wont let Dad decide where to download files too. Everything goes to Download MOL We use Win10 and it is the same with trying to put all our files on OneDrive. Ugh. We already use Drive so please let us do what we want. At least our programs all run. Not that we use many. Good luck


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