Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Computer Problems

TBT Here:  We are having real computer problems.  The CURRENT one stopped starting.  The NEWEST one won't talk ta the moniter.  We are on the OLDEST Mac.  We don't have email or most programs.  The Geek Squad can't help us until next Tuesday.

We cant get at pictures.  But happily we created a bunch of posts for a week or so before everything went whack.  We can visit on the OLDEST computer or the LAPTOP, but we are kinna messed up  for a while.

We are all OK.  We'll be back...  It is just going to be a weird few weeks. 

If you want to know, the real details are HERE!  On My Cavebear Blog.


  1. Ugh! That's a bummer about your computer problems. I'm not going to read the blog about it because kitties don't care about computers... but my human is going to check it out!

  2. WE do not like computer problems either!
    WE use PC and our browser crashed, so we had to use another.
    Now things seem to be back to normal.Seeing that computers have been around for so long, you would think all the bugs would be worked out by now :/
    Purrs, Georgia and Julie

  3. Computer problems are designed to drive us to insanity! It is bad enough when an old computer crashes, which mine did for the second time and fatally just before Christmas, but it should not happen with a new one.
    My new PC works fine, but I had problems getting it to connect with my printer.
    A week seems a long time to have to wait just to look at it, but our Geek Squad in the UK is almost as bad.

  4. We hate computer problems! We hope you get them worked out...and things back to normal.

  5. Computer problems are the worst!!!

  6. Yep, those computer things are the worst and very irritating too. Good luck getting it all fixed up!

  7. Sorry you are having computer troubles. They are such a pain. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of Millie. XO

  8. I agree with others who have commented: computer problems are horrible and frustrating and just shouldn't happen!

    Sydney, Australia


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