Thursday, January 23, 2020

Horrible Computer Wensday

TBT:  OK, my computers are totally screwed up.  The Apple folks got my new one working.  It was the power cord.  In spite of the fact that that they seem identical and plug in the same, there is some differences in "power rate".  When I used the new one, everything came online.  Dang I hate it when techs make me feel stupid.

But that's why they are on the "help" side of the telephone and I'm not.  Still, it's pretty hard to be told the solution is simple.  It's that ONE thing they ask and you think "OMG, the ONE thing I didn't try"...

But then I discovered the new computer was a piece of junk!  My OLDEST Mac Mini (2014) had 300 Gb of storage memory.  The CURRENT one (2017) has about 500 Gb.  I only bought the new one because I misunderstood what the disk scanner program was telling me about available memory.

The new one has only 128Gb!  The NEWEST one can't hold even the OLDEST one.  My fault completely.  I assumed any new one had more memory that an older one.  It is a Cloud computer.  And I can't return it because I have corrupted it with some of my migrated files.

So what I need is my CURRENT one working.  That's the one with the dead power port.  Which means I have a reservation to bring it to to Best Buy next Tuesday so that they can send it to an Apple repair site and THEY will get to it in about a week, and then it gets slowly returned to me.

We are talking maybe a month.  So we are going to be non-email for a while.  I may explore my Windows 10 computer, but I don't understand it very well.  It is going to be very weird not checking my email a few times a day.  But in case we go "missing", I offer this...

To tune of “You’re A Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates…


I’m a Good Girl, And I try so hard
To make Daddy happy each and every day.
I can rely on my Daddy’s care.
I can rely that he's always there.

I’m a Good Girl and he tells me so,
Even if I sometimes tap on Ayla’s hip.
I try ta be nice but its just so hard
So he kinna sorta unnerstands I slip.

I’m a Good Girl, I would like ta be better
But it really isn’t quite my nature to.
I sure depend on my Daddy’s love.
I really thrive on my Daddy’s love.

I’m a Good Girl, but it gets so hard
Cause I really wanta be his only cat.
I‘m so completely attached to him.
All I really want, is to have just him.

I’m a Good Girl, and I try to like
Marley brofur, sisfur Ayla just like him.
But who am I foolin cause I want them gone
Just so I could finally have Daddy alone!

I’m a Good Girl, But I know that Dad
Would be saddy if others moved away.
So I have to live with the other two
Have to be nice to the other two.

I’m a Good Girl, and I try so hard
To make Daddy happy each and every day…


  1. I like Iza's song! Ugh, computer problems - why can't you just get more storage in your new computer? That new one has, like, the same as my human's iPhone!

  2. Phooey on computers! They seem to hold us hostage so often, nevermind the companies that charge mega bucks for everything.

    But these days how can we live without them?! But a break from tech things is a vacation...only its a bummer when its a forced tech holiday, MOL!

    Today while the WiFi was on and working well, my iPad and computer both decided I had no internet. Huh? What a pain! I just had to turn them off for a while, and do other things.

    Hope your issues get resolved so you can be all computer happy again...and your kitties can chat with all of us here in Blogville.

    And I sure hope you can get your pictures back!

    I have not put Catalina on my mac...but all of us here do put in the security updates.

    See ya when you are back!

  3. We also like Iza's song!
    We are sorry for the computer problems,we (mum) only knows that they work or not :/
    WE think you deserve better from Apple!
    Purrs, Georgia and Julie

  4. That is a nice song, Iza, and of course you are a good girl.
    I made the same mistake on storage with my last laptop. It is Windows 10 and looked nice and neat seemed to do everything I wanted.
    Then Win.10 wanted to do a major upgrade in 2017. Fine I scheduled a time that suited me and next morning found the update had failed due to insufficient memory.
    It told me to clear space but it there was nothing I could remove to make enough space. I tried doing the update to an external HD as suggested but that didn't work, so now I have a laptop that hasn't had any updates for over 2 years!
    When I bought my new PC the beginning of this month I made sure I didn't make the same mistake again. This one has 1TB of storage memory.
    I hope when Apple do get your computer that they get on with the repair and you get it back ASAP.

  5. Iza - have you stopped to consider that Marley and Ayla may feel exactly the same way - that they want YOU gone so they have one less cat to share TBT with? Gives you pause for thought, doesn't it? Better keep on making a big effort to be friendly to 'em.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Such a pain! Our new MacBook Air is a cloud computer but it worked out okay for us since Windows 10 was so bad the Dad moved everything to the cloud anyways. Good luck, it's always such a pain.

  7. Yikes...we hope things work out.

    Great song!! Now we will be humming all day.

    The Florida Furkids

  8. We'll miss all of you... hurry back!!!

  9. Computer troubles are the worst! Recently I had trouble with my iMac but before I took it in I thought why don't I just try to plug it in elsewhere. Ta da! It was the outlet. Yay.


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