Sunday, February 02, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

First we have ta say that we are still havin puter problems.  We are OK, but Dad is saying Many Bad Werds about it.  He may or have not posted about it.  We dont know that stuff and we seldom read His Blog.  If we go on and off for days, don't worry...

AYLA:  Dad moves stuff around ta keep us innerested.  Today, an old cat bed was suddenly on the waterybed and I went straight for it. 
Marley and Iza were happy with their regular spots.
 Good!  I feel oddly safe in a more formal spot. 
Hey, it werks for ME!


  1. A bed on a bed sounds good!
    I hope those evil computer problems are soon sorted. There is nothing worse for driving humans to distraction!

  2. Whatever werks for you Ayla has gotta be good.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. I agree, new places for old things is fun sometimes!

  4. Tic-tac-toe I see 3 kitties in a row :) I hope your Dad gets the computer problems straightened out.

  5. All of you are looking good there.

  6. I think it says something that you picked the middle spot, Marley!

  7. Hisses to naughty confuser issues...sigh...

    You are a sweet trio there on the bed, and I think the warmth is extra cozy in a nest, on top of the bed, Ayla.


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