Friday, February 07, 2020

Flashback Friday

IZA:  Today on this day in 2010, I went out exploring.  The weather was decent.
I wandered along the paths.
And remembered why I came out.
I wanted to visit Skeeter (The Cat Who Came Before) and LC (who I knew for a year).
I left a few chin rubs for both...
And then sat back to look at both memorials. 
I sure hope mine is long time from now, but it is good to know we are remembered.  I asked Dad if he had letters for me.  He said no, "It will be a long time.  And don't worry about it Sweet Girl, let's go in and I'll open the treat jar".

Yay, treats!

Dad is still fighting with the new computer...


  1. We liked this flashback Friday and how Iza loved on the memorials.
    Purrs to TBT and the computer.
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  2. It's good to remember those who came before. Yeaa for treats !

  3. That was a really special flashback and we hope the Dad whips that new computer into shape soon.

  4. That was sweet of you to pay your respects to LC and Skeeter. XO

  5. That was nice of you to leave chin rubs for Skeeter and LC.

  6. How aweet of you to remember them, Iza ! We hope you have a longtime too.

  7. Love to see you visiting there, sweet girl.

  8. I admire TBT's resilience in battling with the ccmputer. Keep it up TBT!

    Sydney, Australia

  9. What a poignant memory. Iza, TBT was right because it is 10 years later, and you are still here!


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