Wednesday, March 18, 2020


TBT Here:  Just to let everyone what is going on...

1.  Ayla goes to the Vet to make sure her tooth extractions went well an the sutures are dissolving properly.  Due to Covid19, they have set up some protective procedures.  You call the vet office from the parking lot, they come to the door, you leave the pet, they bring it in, and you wait in your car. 

Which is fine if you have a cell phone.  I don't, but they said to knock on the door.  Sounds like a medieval monastery, LOL!  Then they take your credit card number by phone for payment.  I suppose they will let me drive home and call from there...

2.  Iza's prescribed Welactin omega-3 supplement ran out a few days ago.  I took a chance and visited both PetSmart and Petco looking for it.  Neither said they ever carried it, which baffled me; I got it somewhere.  Then remembered it was from Chewy.  

So, I placed an order with Chewy today for the Welactin, and added 2 cases of Friskies Ocean Whitefish&Tuna Dinner.  For some reason, The Mews are in love with that right now.  I have some other brand/flavors I tried that they don't, but if I mix the 2, they will eat it. 

In response to my order, I received a reply saying that things were backed up and it may take 5-8 days delivery instead of the usual 1-2 days.  I note that they were careful not specify whether it was at their end or the UPS/Fedex end.  So that means it is at their end...

With the new order, I will have about 2 months of food for The Mews.  And about the same of litter.  And all routine vet visits are complete for the year.  So they will be fine.

I'm also posting about mey own situation on the Cavebear's Lair blog (right sidebar, toward the top in RED, but it may take a couple of hours.  I don't type fast and I edit/rewrite a lot.   

3.  My thoughts to all of you with serious lockdowns and restrictions and more serious confirmed and potential cases of CoVid19...

Mark and The Mews


  1. I hope the vet visit goes sure sounds like a weird system. Sheesh.

    We have enough of everything here for at least two to three months...including the peeps.

    Petcretary works in a nursing home, so she has to leave the house for that, and getting fresh least for now. The nursing home is on almost total lockdown to protect the residents, but they are getting cabin fever to say the least.
    Pawppy was able to get a haircut today, we shall see if petcretary can have one next week on her days off.

  2. Thanks for the update TBT.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Your clinic isn't the only one that wants drop offs. I've heard of others too. My human is well stocked for now for food and litter, but she is thinking of getting some more in case this drags out way longer than anyone suspects.

  4. Stay safe in these worrying times.
    I had to go for another blood test yesterday. First I had to confirm by phone that I had no symptoms. When I got there the automatic doors had been disabled and I was met by a nurse in a hazmat suit minus the helmet but wearing a mask and goggles. She checked that I had no symptoms before leading me in to wash hands and sanitise before seeing the nurse. Life has turned surreal over the past few weeks!

  5. Our Vet is doing the same.
    We purr things continue to go well for all of you!
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie and the mum

  6. I took Emmy to the vet Monday and was surprised nothing changed there. My Chewy order was 2 days late too. Stay healthy.

  7. We didn’t know Ayla had dental surgery. We hope she is doing well. Chewy is behind because so many people have placed orders...and they are running out of stuff too.

  8. I hope that mouth is healing properly. Chewy is all messed up, don't be surprised if they cancel you food order, they are out of tons of stuff.

  9. MY Vet is doing the same as well. Their Association must have told them to do so. I am trying to keep up with foods and litter for her. I have a few weeks worth of food for me.

  10. Dad spoke to his vet last month and he sounded a bit "nervous" so we are hoping there are no emergencies. Yes our store is sold out of cat food and toilet paper

  11. Dad just went and shopped. We have a Chewy order in too


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