Monday, March 16, 2020

We Are Still Here

Ayla is happy with her clean teeth and does miss the removed ones.  Marley got is teeth cleaned and didn't lose any.  Iza had hers cleaned last year and was fine. 

We didnt get the puter fixed as we hoped and TBT has ordered a 5TB Seagate external HD that should hold EVERYTHING and solve most problems.  But it will be Friday before it gets here so we are old-laptopped until then with no pics.

But we will get back...


  1. Paw crossed that you have a solution for your computer woes!

  2. Good to hear you are all OK>
    We purr the computer woes will end soon.
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  3. Good dental news on the kits, always good news. Sorry about the puter problems, they are the worst!

  4. Glad all is well aside from the computer.

  5. Bummer on the 'puter issues but always good to see you.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. We are glad that everything went well with the dental for Ayla and Marley. Hopefully, the hard drive coming in with be helpful with getting your files onto there. Thanks for sharing the update. Have a great day
    World of Animals

  7. Hi, Ya'll! Hop=e you are staying fine, and its good to hear that Ayla and Marley are good after their dentals.

    We here are in a state of almost complete shutdown...sigh...stupid Covid19...

    Boo to confuser issues, but I do hope that sometime soon you will have it all figured out, and be 'up and running'!

  8. I am glad Ayla and Marley's dentals went well. I hope the Seagate arrives on time. I have had one for years and wouldn't be without it.

  9. I'm glad all the dental patients are doing well and we hope the new drive fixes it all up soon!

  10. Clean teeths are much to be desired.

  11. Thanks for the update. Even without pics, it's good to hear your news.

    Sydney, Australia


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