Saturday, April 25, 2020

Answers To Questions


We havent done this in a while, but TBT reminded us that we should.  When other kitties ask questions or suggest something in comments, he says we should answer them.  Yeah, that makes sense.

So we are going back a few posts and trying from there.

1.  Catio Tales mentioned "We keep asking Äiti where your Catio-wire is. We have been told such things are essential for us, but you do not have them. Pffft."...

We do not have wire fences around the deck or below on the sunken patio.  TBT has considered it several times, but (meowing gratefully) he has not done so.   But we only do go out when he is too, so he watches over us carefully.  The big fence around the backyard is impawtant, too.  He built it just FOR our safety when out.  It is to keep the Big Doggies out, but it werks for the Vishus Deer too. 

2. The Meezer Mews mentioned my 'purrsonal launch-pad, observation deck" for hunting mousies.  It was a discovery to me.  TBT set a Big Board on the ground and stuck it in place with metal rods so his ladder was level when he filled the birdie-feeder.  The flowerbed slopes, though it is not obvious from pictures.  And with his weak biped legs, he worried about falling backwards.

And apparently, Beings have a poor sense of balance.  They land badly.  It's almost funny.  LC once rolled over in her sleep off the deck (8' high), and she of course landed all 4s and just walked back up the steps.  Like TBT could do THAT...  MOL!

3. Many cats were uncertain what we meant by "merfing" when Marley said he was merfing around the house late at night.  I merf often at night.  It the small sound you make talking to yourself quietly. (merf, merf, merf)  I do it when I'm carrying a toy.  And I was the only one who did until recently.

I think Marley is looking for Iza.  She used to groom him regularly.  And she WAS more his size, so they wrassled in fun sometimes.  He doesn't seem to unnerstand she went OTB yet.  Well, I sniffed both Skeeter and LC and Iza, and they never came back, so I unnerstand better than he does.  Iza was the first cat to go OTB while Marley was here.

I have been talking to him about it recently, and I think he is beginning to unnerstand that we all go OTB eventually.  He resists the idea.  Well, he feels so healthy.  He is shocked by the idea that TBT will do the same someday.  Yeah, it bothers me too.  The Beins seem ageless.  Still, I've been here long enough to realize he is older than he was when I first arrived.

4.  Several kitties and Beins mentioned the vultures we saw in the tree over Iza her last day outside.  I know about vultures.  They collected in the trees in the forbidden yard-next-door.  I was sitting on the fence.  There was an injured rabbit flopping around there.  When it stopped flopping around, they all landed near it at the same time.  I ran inside.

5.  Several kitties and Beins also noted on a Friday Flashback where Marley and I were grooming each other years ago that we should start doing that again.  We have.  TBT didn't have the camera nearby, but he has seen us doing that a few times.  He will get a pic of that some day.

I would do more, but this is getting long...

And...  From Frum (if we are allowed to make a small jokie at a sad moment)...

 Wishing him well with crossed paws...


  1. Thank you for answering all our questions, Ayla. It is nice that you and Marley are grooming each other again.

  2. I bet Marley wuz looking for her. It's confusing the first time it happens.

  3. Thank you for answering our questions, Ayla. It's nice that you and Marley get closer again. Purrs

  4. I'm glad you answered these questions for us.

  5. I always like it when you track back and provide answers to questions from recent posts.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Thank you for the answers. We also hope that you and Marley get grooming more - Marley kneeds to know you are his buddy now and it'll help him loads.

  7. We enjoyed reading your answers. Lexy merfs at night when she brings Mommy her toys.

  8. Thanks for sharing these lovely answers to these questions. Our cats do the merfing sound when carrying a toy around or they bring it it me to throw for some playtime. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals

  9. Those were pawsome answers.
    We always like to hear about things in your home and yard.
    Well, maybe not the vultures. We don't have them but we do see eagles sometimes.We are indoor cats though ;)
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  10. Thank you for answering all our questions Ayla. XO

  11. Thanks for those answers, Ayla. We bet you and Marley are comforting each other about the loss of Iza.

  12. Ayla, I may tend to look to you for answers to questions from nw on. That was excellent. XX


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