Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Twofer Tuesday

AYLA:  Well, I know I said previously that "food in the bowl is worth 2 mousies in the weeds", but sometimes you catch one too!  And TBT even SAW ME catch it, so that was really good.  I ran right up on the deck to give it to him.  I usually play with them until they get all tired, but I just dropped this one at his feet so HE could play.  It was still very energetic.

He did "OK".  He uses his back feet.  He kept shoving it back toward me.  Well, Ive seen Beins play a game on TV where they only use their feet, so maybe thats more normal for them. 

It even jumped off the deck, but he went down and found it and chased it around on the ground (I had fun watching).  But he DID catch it and bring it back up.  Those long arms seem pretty useful (and oddly quick).  And sometimes I think Beins are better at seeing things that dont move.

Well, I got it for HIM, so I just watched. 
Actually, I got ahead of my story there.  When I brought it up originally, I wanted to bring it in the house, but he closed the door suddenly.  I actually banged my head on it!  Later, when it was dedded, he let Marley bat it around a few times. 
THEN he let me bring it in.  I batted it...
We both watched it.
Ah, no fun anymore!
And THATS when TBT took it away for himself.  He often does that with our food contributions.  Actually, he doesn't seem to like us watching him eat his regular meals.  He shares food from the kitchen counter, but once it is on a plate on the table or he takes food we bring him into the front yard, he prefers we leave him be.

Well, I did MY part for the day...


  1. Outstanding effort, Ayla and I'm sure that TBT appreciated it.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Good job, Ayla! That sort of thing is SO beyond me.

  3. Well done Ayla! TBT was obviously very impressed with your skills and for bringing the gift to him.
    Flynn would have given it to Eric who would have scoffed it down quickly before anyone could take it away from him.

  4. Wow, Ayla! You still got it, girl!

  5. With groceries being hard to get you sure done good bringing home the food!

  6. Bravo ! Very well done there. Shame you were not allowed to eat it, but maybe after it had been pawed and mauled so much it had lost nutritional value.

  7. There is supposed to be a meat shortage so you may have to catch dinner for your Dad more often :)

  8. You are a great provider of provisions, Ayla.
    Sorry TBT didn't really know exactly what to do with it...and was that a vole??

    Yeah, and when they are deaded they are just no fun anymore...

  9. You are, indeed, a mighty huntress, Ayla. You can always be relied on to bring home the bacon - er, the mousie (lol).

  10. Very nice catch. When we get one Dad knows as there is a train of cats going around the house with one or the other holding the hostage. We feel the same once they stop moving. Its like, MEH. No fun anymore lets nap

  11. Good job, Ayla, very nice catch ! Purrs


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