Sunday, May 31, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

Its an Easy day...  We are all just sitting around. 
Thinking about going out...
Watching the outside.
A little tongue action..
Watching fer birdies to hit the door maybe...
Laz is watching us...
 To see how things werk here.
A nice calm day...  Things are going good here.


  1. Laz is possibly still a bit skeptical about some of the things you've told him - like, that sometimes birdies just throw themselves at the sliding door and deaded themselves. It's little wonder that he's just watching for now.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. I'm glad things are going well. I think Laz is still trying to figure everything out.

  3. Nice to see all of you today and we're glad you are showing Laz what goes on!

  4. It looks like you and Laz are getting along well together. I am glad it is all good and peaceful.

  5. Nice to see you all so peaceful ! Purrs

  6. Purrfect Sunday musings.
    We like that Laz is learning how things work ;)
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  7. Does Laz go outside too?

  8. Glad things are going well...enjoy your easy.

  9. Progress! And yes, as the new guy, Laz definitely needs to be taught by the senior staff.

  10. Has Laz been allowed outside to wander around with you?

  11. Your day was easier than ours...I Pipo had to mew at pawppy to get up and feed me...three times! Sheesh! He gets to have an easy, but then he forgets that my belly needs are important...around here empty belly could very well mean, upchuck on the carpet...

    And the hooligans were outside, but they ran into the flower beds after some real or imaginary critter...hostas smashed, day lilies smashed, bee balm smashed...sorry hummers...and holes dug as well...not easy for *her* who had to make a temporary tall fence.

    Now the whole lot of us is fianlly getting our easy:)

    Have a nice week, and purrs to all, and esp loud ones to Laz, its great to see him out in the open watching the goings on.


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