Monday, May 18, 2020

Mancat Monday - A Laz Update

TBT:  Until a couple days ago, I was wondering if Laz would ever adjust to the house, Me, and Alya and Marley.  The first good news is that Laz and Marley are quite calm near each other.

First here is a picture of the only "UNNER THE BED" area.  Laz wasn't there (having just run out of view), but look at all those whiskers sticking up!  I need to move the headboard away and collect those.  And then vacuum...
He isn't eating as much as I would like, but sometimes he suddenly eats a lot.  This bowl was filled with his accustomed dry food and he licked out every crumb.  Sometimes he eats some canned food, usually tuna.
I was curious to learn if he liked toys.  The Foster said he didn't.  So I put several on the floor in a pattern so I could notice any movement.   Apparently he does do SOMETHING with toys.  The next morning (after being enclosed in the Mews Room overnight), this mousie was up on one platform...
And this ball at the top.
That MIGHT be Laz fur on it.
He is strange.  Sometimes I can stand right next to him and take a picture and he is not concern  Shows his spotted coat, too..
He usually doesn't mind if Marley is nearby.  Yes, the place is a clutterred mess!
Papers on the floor are destined for the shredder, the bucket is collecting cables to save, and I keep shipping boxes until the warranty runs out (or I forget and they sit around forever)
Laz on a sudden bolt...  He is way too fast for my camera.
Laz checks out Marley often.  It may be Marley's personal smell or that he brings in outside smells which Laz is not used to.
Here, Laz is sitting in the Mews Room calmy...
And looking around ignoring me...

I saved the best picture for last.  Laz was sitting at the far end of the hall in dim light.  I took several pictures resting the camera against the wall for steadiness walking a step or 2 closer each time.  This was the best one I got (about 12' away).
Most of the pictures I get don't show his colors well, and curled up, he looks like a standard grayish tabby (and I have had and loved several).  But this one shows his more solid front and leg/head/tail markings.

On the adjustment part, Laz was becoming really good at hiding.  I followed him into the basement a couple of times but could never find him.  Finally, on Saturday, I discovered his secret!

I have a suspended ceiling in the basement.  Several years ago, I had a company lower the suspended ceiling I had installed a decade ago, to install fluorescent light fixtures.  They left two of them out because there weren't ones that fit the new way they did the support grid (I have to smile because I, an amateur, did it more efficiently).

There was a missing tile directly above a benchtop tool requiring only a 4' jump.  So I was standing in the basement wondering where Laz was hiding and I heard the "slightest" little sounds above me.  AHA!

I spread a bit of talcum powder on the top of the tool, and sure enough, there was some pawprints there after I saw him again.  I cut old large ceiling tile to fit the missing ones.  Laz doesn't get up THERE now, LOL!

The good news is that Laz is seen more often in the main part of the house.  He and Marley can be seen sniffing and sitting a few feet apart regularly.  Laz sits on the top platform of the living room cat trees.  He walks around the main floor looking around corners and sometimes "just sits around" (until he sees me looking at him).

And he alternates between being frightened of me and loving my attention.  If he is enclosed in a room with me, he loves my attention.  He pushes his head into my hand for scritchies.  If he is free to roam, he runs if I approach.  

It is going more slowly than I am used to.  Today is 2 weeks!  Skeeter, LC, Ayla, Iza, and Marley were "out and about" normally in 3 days.   Well, the Foster did say he had been in a stressful house before.

Whateever time he needs, he will get.  And the past couple days, he cries less, talks more, explores the house more, approaches Marley more easily.  Ayla has always been a bit of a "hisser".  and she is doing that less often. 

There will come a day when Laz either sleeps on the bed with me or comes on my lap.  I don't care which comes first.  We're getting there...


  1. I think there has been some good progress! I know you will achieve your goal with Laz.

  2. All steps are going in the right the IS good. If Laz is suffering anxiety about whether this is or is not permanent, then maybe that's why he can be rather skittish. Maybe he thinks you might shove him in a carrier or lock him away.
    Haha about him hiding in your ceiling...he's a clever fella:)

    Hang in there soon you'll be telling us about him being a cuddler! (at least we hope so!)

  3. Sounds like you're making some good progress Laz!

  4. Progress is good, but some just progress faster than others. If he had been in a bad situation before his foster home he is probably wary that he moved again. He will soon realise this is his forever home and relax.

  5. Looking forward to hearing that he's had a trial run on The Lap, TBT!

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Looking forward to hearing more progress! Pawscrossed.

  7. Home is where the heart is and he knows this is his home even though it is taking him just a wee bit of time to let his heart settle there ...

  8. Every cat is different and it can take several weeks if not months for cats to adjust to their new home. Sounds like you've made some progress...and we know Laz will settle in soon.

  9. Good news that there is some progress albeit slow, it sounds like Laz needs to make sure this is really home and not some foster thing. Sending purrs and prayers for Laz. I love that you had some clutter, it sometimes drives me crazy when everything is neat as a pin in photos. That never happens in any of my photos - MOL!

  10. Yes, Laz is getting there, just let him set the schedule. We've had a couple over the years that have taken 3-4 months to adjust.

  11. We think Laz is very lucky to have you. You are willing to give him whatever time he needs and you are not rushing him.
    He is very handsome ;)
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  12. This is all such welcome news. Your patience and Marley's steady calmness are persuading him.

  13. Slowly getting used to each other.

  14. I am glad Laz is adjusting even though it is taking a while. That is cute that he moved the toys up to the cat tree :)

  15. Gosh, he sounds like me! I've been here a million years and still I'll bolt if Mom walks anywhere near me. Of course, she is a giant and I am only little.


  16. It looks like Laz is slowly adjusting and making progresses ! Purrs


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