Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for TBT, our Dad.  He turns 70 today.  That is SO OLD we can't figure out how he isnt dead yet.  He must be like the oldest something-like-cat EVER!  No wonder he has learned to walk on his back legs...

And he better stay around a while.  We cant open the cans and Laz is only 2 1/2 years.  And he is fun to have around...

He is good ta groom...
His furs fit purrfectly!
And he has proper feets!


  1. Happy Birthday, Mr Mark...aka TBT/Dad!!

    Petcretary only has 1/2 decade to reach that age...Hmmm...

    You do have the best feet ever!! Furry like a fluffy kitty!! MOL! (Or a lion?)

  2. Oooh - happy birthday TBT. You ARE old, aren't you? LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Happy birthday to your dad!
    Don't tell him he is old, I am only 15 months behind him!
    That was a very good grooming you were giving him, Marley.

  4. Happy birthday to TBT - that is a BIG milestone!

  5. Happy Birthday, Mark/TBT..And many more!...Marley did a good job, does he groom your feet too?!MOL...Have a fun day of celebration!...XO..J, Halle, Sukki

  6. Happy Birthday TBT(Mark) !!!
    We love your feets ;) MOL!!!!
    We wish you many more years and birthdays.
    Now that Marley has you cleaned up, it's time to party!!!!!
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie
    and the mum

  7. Happy Birthday to TBT! May he get lots of treats today.

  8. Happy, happy birthday to TBT! And many more.

  9. Happy birthday!! Will the cake be tuna or chocolate?

  10. Happy Birthday Mark! I love the feets!

  11. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Dad! XO

  12. Such a special day, Happy Birthday to your Dad from all of us!

  13. Happy Birthday Mark ! We love your feet, MOL ! Purrs

  14. Mark, HappyHAPPY happy birfday! Me and Katie wish you the best day of the year, TODAY!

  15. We have been told that SEVEN is the age of reason.
    Therefore it must follow that when one puts a ZERO behind the SEVEN, as in SEVEN-ZERO (or SEVEN-OH) one would expect that the purrson who is now SEVEN-OH would be very very reasonable.
    And as such we are advising Ayla, Marley and Laz that they have every right and expectation for extreme reasonable form TBT in all things and in all ways from this moment forward forever and ever amen.
    Happy SEVEN-OH MY CAT.

  16. Happpy Purrthday TBT -and m any more ! Ha ! You are younger than OUR huMom and we just got s tray kitty that is only TWO ! So unless we evolve thumbs....

  17. Happy birthday to your dad! We hope you kids got him something good. (And we don't mean a hairball.)


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