Thursday, June 25, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday

MARLEY:  I'm being the guide today.  Ayla is teaching Laz about deck snacks for "after".

First, up on the deck, the stargazer lilies are in full bloom.
The Venus Fly Traps are sending up new traps after a cold winter nap.
The earliest daylilies are blooming!
The reblooming daylilies are in the first flush...
This is a Maltese Cross.  It self seeds, so there will be more next year.  
I don't know what these are, but there are 6 in the pollinator garden.  I will be watching to see whether they attract bees of flutterbys or both.
The hydangeas are blooming wunnerfully.  And TBT ignored pruning them last year.  So maybe they like that.
Look close at all the tiny flowers of one!
Even the Nandina shrub is blooming a lot.  It must have been a good Spring for them.  There are many sprouts coming up around them.  TBT wants to plant a line of them around the property line.  They have white flowers in Spring, red berries in Winter, and are evergreen about 4' high.
Now lets see what Ayla and Laz have arranged.  OK, lots of crunchies from Laz.  Well, he does love crunchies... So Ayla chose BFF tuna with gravies to balance that.  And we have Niptinis...

So let's just relax on the deck and cat-chat while indulging in some snacks... Anykitty have gossip they want ta share?

Thanks for joining us on this week's Garden Tour.



  1. A lovely display of flowers in your garden at this time of the year, Marley.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. The flowers are lovely. I think the unknown one maybe the Prairie Larkspur.

  3. Everything sure is pretty! It's nice to see Laz in school!

  4. I am envious. Most of our spring flowers have faded. Only the toughest ones endure our summer heat.

  5. The blue flower is columbine. It comes in lots of colors and self seeds. Attracts hummingbirds.

  6. Everything is beautiful, especially the stargazer lilies.

  7. I want to ask Laz the latest family Cat Gossip!

  8. You have such pretty flowers in your garden.
    We have daylilies and mum is happy to have them ;)
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  9. Nice flowers. We are low on flowers at the moment.

  10. You have both common and not so common flowers! All pretty to see, thanks for sharing them with us.
    I wonder if that Nandina Shrub could grow in our zone...5b/6. I like that Maltese cross flower too!

    Our day lilies are just now showing their buds...


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