Sunday, July 26, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  It is really HOT out again today, so we are taking our EASY inside.  I found a new place ta nap.
Laz has been showing an interest in toys.  Oddly, not the ones Iza and I liked (Marley has no interest in toys).  Iza liked rattley mice and bouncy balls; I like plastic rings.  Laz has carried fuzzy stuff around.  And we have 2 toys that make noises (Squeeky Mouse and Chirpy Chicken).  He likes wand toys too, but only ta chew the string.  He separated 2 feathery things from their wands last week.
Marley is somewhere down in the basement nappin.


  1. We sometimes play with toys. Julie the most as she is younger.
    Georgia is getting old and not moving well.
    Julie likes things she can bite and kick ;)
    Purrs, Georgia and Julie

  2. Enjoy your toys cuties! It's good each cat likes a different kind of toy.

  3. Indoors is the best place to be when it is hot. It is nice that Laz enjoys playing with toys.

  4. Oh my, we *have* been gone a long time! Look at Laz, fitting in like he's been there for years! I bet he is a VeryGoodBoy.

    We think of Iza Lambie all the time and know you must miss her something fierce. She was just the best, and that Silken Tum!

    I hope the Human has righted her personal ship and will be inclined to hep me a bit more. XOXOXO to Mark & the Mews

  5. Looks like you're quite comfy sweet Ayla. Laz, I'm glad you are having fun with the fuzzy toys!

  6. Need to be careful when a kitty likes to chew strings- be sure to hide cords too.

  7. I think it's worked out well that you and Laz like different toys. As for Marley: what's up with that dude - he's not interested in toys?? Good grief.

    Sydney, Australia

  8. You don’t have to worry about Laz stealing your toys, Ayla.

  9. Every kitty has different tastes in toys!

  10. We've all got our favorites here too.

  11. It's nice that Laz doesn't like the same kind of toys like you, he wouldn't even steal any of your toys ! Purrs

  12. You seem a lot like our Angel Minko, Laz, eating through strings...tell your TBT/Dad to be on the watch for cords, cause Minko chewed through plenty of those too...the power cords, the USB cords, earbud cords, etc, etc...Minko was a big fan of anything fuzzy too...he carried them all around whilst 'singing' to them:)

    Do you sing to your toys?

    Glad you like to play, Laz, that shows how relaxed you are becoming at your (new) den.


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