Thursday, July 30, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:  Hi!  Ready a take The Garden Tour?  Well, lets see wat we have in this hot weather...
The Black-Eyed Susans are used ta this an are doin fine.
The Purple Coneflowers are strugglin a bit,  but thats probly cuz they are growin if the gravel pathway.  They will be moved in Fall.
These are baby frogs.  Or toads mebbe.  Cant tell yet.
TBT put out a tub ta grow these aquarium plants and some frog or toad mom found it real quick!
These are som Black-Eyed Susans TBT moved to the Meadow Bed a couple weeks ago.   They are strugglin a bit, but if they have lasted 2 weeks, they will probly be OK.  We dont expect much this year, but are hoping for good ones next year.  They hadda be moved cuz they were in a path an TVT doesnt like brushing past bees.
 The tomatoes are doing OK, but they better grow fast to produce fruits!
Same with the corn...
And the cukes.  Everything was planted late this year.
These bottles are on tubes in the soil to get water down deep to the tomato  roots.  The red plastic is good for sunlight the tomatoes like (an confooses the bugs).  But it doesnt let water through.
We think this is a Niger Thistle flower.  It is a volunteer from last year.
This MAY be  a weed.  But the bees like it an not much else is growin in the bee/butterfly bed...
Some of the Daylilies are still blooming.  It is late for them.  But it has been rainy and mebbe that helps...
Some Petunias are still blooming.  Now THAT is unusual.
Even 1 pot on the hot deck still has some flowers!
Well, lets relax on the deck, since we are here.  It is shady an cooler now.  But it IS still kinna hot out so we are just gonna have crunchy treats and Niptinis.  And cool water...

Thanks for coming along on this weeks Garden Tour!


  1. Thank you for the tour. Those bottles are a great idea. I wonder why tomatoes like the red plastic instead of the regular black one -do they think they are camouflaged? :)

  2. Everything sure looks terrific, especially since it has been so darn hot.

  3. Everything is looking good. My plants are poor his year because of the early hot weather then continuous rain since then. It has improved and my Gazanias are glad to see the sun. We did have a very good crop of strawberries though.

  4. WOW!! Tour garden is looking great!
    We have mostly daylilies(old fashioned)
    Mum is happy her yucca plane will bloom this year!
    Purrs, Georgia and Julie

  5. My human has seen that trick with the water bottles.

  6. Wow--TBT does a LOT of hard work on that garden! And I know Iza Lambie is very proud of you for carrying on the fine tradition of Garden Tours! We are going to email TBT a picture of what morning looks like in San Francisco!

  7. Since your garden season is quite a bit longer than ours, you may yet reap a good harvest...sure hope so!

    Is that yellow flower a cosmos?? Sure seems like one.

  8. Great to see the latest pics of the vegetable garden. I'm optimistic that you'll still get a decent harvest.

    Sydney, Australia

  9. I enjoyed seeing the garden VERY much. I always do. Ans you three always have and always will I am sure, ofer the best refreshments after the tour. I look forward to that.

  10. Thanks for the tour ! Your garden looks great ! Those bottles and plastic are a smart idea for the tomatoes. Purrs


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