Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Twofur Tuesday

MARLEY AND LAZ:  This is NOT what you think...  Well, actally we're not SURE what ya think it is, but we know what ya COULD think.
I (Marley) was sittin on the back of the chair and didnt feel like moving.  I (Laz) wanned ta get past him ta get ta the desk.  I considered walkin on his back, cuz I like goin to places as direcly as I can.  But I decided that might get me OTB real fast.  An the thing it lookt like might hav had the same result.

So I decided "direcly" could mean a slite detour...  I got down an wakked aroun to the desk another way.
Tomorrow - Up On The Desk...


  1. That was a darn good change of direction Laz!

  2. You know your limits, Laz! Its a good way to keep the peace:)

  3. Good thinking Laz ! But - Off Track Betting ? We are a bit puzzled about OTB

  4. I'm glad you navigated that traffic jam, Laz!

  5. It was very sensible of you to figure out an alternative route to the desk, Laz. Marley is a pretty easy going kind of chap, but I doubt whether he would have tolerated having to climb over his back!

    Sydney, Australia

  6. VERY smart move on your part, Laz!


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