Sunday, August 30, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  After months of cloudy or rainy days, it was bright sunlight this morning!  We are thrilled.
Our internal batteries are being recharged, our furs are bein warmed while our insides stay cool for a while, and we cant wait ta get outside.  Poor Laz, "not yet" though.

And we KNOW the mousies feel the same.  We bet they are SO TIRED of bein in their wet mousieholes, they will be coming out for flowerseeds and a bit of sunpuddle themselves.  Marley and I haven't had a mousie to play with for almost a week.  We will be hunting today!


  1. Yay for sunshine!!
    WE had a big rainstorm last night. People all around us lots power.
    Nice to be on a different grid ;)
    Happy mouse hunting!
    Laz , it's not so bad having to stay inside.

  2. Oh yes! Sunpuddles and enjoying warming our furs, and seeing the dust motes here and there,what a prefect day! Mousies need a day on their "porches" too though. Then they will be re-charged and ready to lead you around the yard.

  3. Good luck with the mousie hunting. Perhaps you could drag back a live one and plop it in the bath tub for Laz to play with. I'm sure he'd just love that.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Enjoy some fun in the sun Laz!

  5. Good luck, and happy mouse hunting ! Purrs

  6. I hope you get those mousies! We had sun today as well after days of torrential rain and storms.

  7. I hope you had a good hunt- maybe bring one in for Laz :)

  8. We hope you get out there and catch some mousies.

  9. I finally got to go out this weekend! We had sun, but also a heat wave, and it was too hot for me to go out.

  10. Hope you have some good hunting! Yay for Sun

  11. We had some coolish days earlier this week, but today was glorious! Sunpuddles are the best!

    No mousies least not that we've seen, (They'll get here when the season changes...); but there are tons of moles,and that hooligan Benji digs the yard up to get them...*she* thinks he makes more mess in the yard than they do, MOL!


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