Thursday, August 20, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:  Looks like I get the Tour Job.  So while we dont have a lot ta show, I will do my best!

The Black-Eyed Susans are doing well.  They should, as they are native here.
 They are thriving in many places around the yard and we like them a lot.
A 3rd place...
Our original butterfly bushes (older than me even) have been slowly dying.  But a volunteer grew.  It looks as good as the old ones.
It didn't get prined back last Winter because TBT was afraid of killing it so he could take cuttings.  That dint werk...  But it grows, so he likes it.
Thats all we have right now.  The constant rain isn't good for flowering.

But we allus appreciate visitors on the Garden Tour (such as it is this week), so I asked TBT ta help Marley and Laz choose better snacks than usual.

Well, look at this.  We have SHRIMPS!  And some Ham and some fancy drinks...

A Nip Smash!  Nip with Toona juice and bubbly water!  New ta me too.  The bubbles are fun in yer nosie.

Thanks fer coming along on the Garden Tour...


  1. Oooh - I like bubbles up my nosie too Ayla!

    It's always interesting to see your garden, even if you don't think there's much to show.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. The volunteer butterfly bush is looking good.
    We have had heavy rain and storms the past week, and last night the winds were gale force. This morning all the rose flowers had been blown off, even the buds. The boys graves were just a mass of petals on the ground. I will have a lot of tidying up to do today. I heard a crash in the night too so I assume a tree came down in the thicket.

  3. Such pretty flowers! We love all the Black-eyed Susans.

  4. I love the garden tours, the black-eyed susans are wonderful and hooray for that butterfly bush! Enjoy your tour snacks kitties!

  5. Those still look pretty darn good to us, we haven't any!


  6. The black eyes susans are looking perfect! OH bubbles in my nosie...I would love that! I will ask for some if Ayla still has any by the time I get up there.

  7. Great tour. We used to have butterfly bushes, but they all got winter kill.

  8. Those black-eyed susans are very cheerful and pretty says the Human. All I want to know is, do they taste good? And speaking of that, may I have four shrimps and a toona juice chaser? You are doing very good on the tours, Ayla!

  9. As always, a wonderful tour ...

  10. Sadly our black eyed susies died out for some reason. Mum should buy some more.

  11. Dad has a seedling butterfly bush but it will not make the garden this year. Hopefully by next year he will have learned a little bit MOL

  12. Your garden has much beauty! And those were great snacks that I missed...sorry I missed the whole thing...petcretary is trying to catch up now...


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