Sunday, August 16, 2020

I'm 10!

MARLEY:  I hit 2 numbers today!  Isnt that great?  So I got 2x the foods (and toona, my fave).

I weighed exactly 16 pounds today (before eating).  Dad weighs me some days.  Not like that I like bein picked up, but it is brief.

I can take up a whole chair back!

So, it is PAWTY TIME!

I have toys, foods, boxes, trees, and foods.  I love foods...

Ham (TBT cuts us the center parts away from the icky sweet glaze that HE likes)!
Ladders fer who likes ta climb...

 Bathtub mice (I been collecting them).  Catch em iffen ya can.  They are fast ones.
 Allus have ta have some shrimps!
 And games...
An toys...
Wands that Laz hasn't eaten the strings off yet...
AND...  TBT (who is allus happier than he looks) to make sure everykitty is happy and the boxes are clean for the clowders an there is fuds evrywhere..


  1. Yaaaaaay - it's party time! Yabba-dabba-dooo.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Happy Birthday, Marley!! What a fun party!!

  3. Happy 10th Birthday Marley, we know your special day will be very special!

  4. What a pawsome pawty ! Happy Birthday Marley ! Purrs

  5. Happy 10th birthday Marley! That is a great party for a very handsome mancat.

  6. Happy Birthday Marley! Great party to celebrate those double digits. XO

  7. Happy Birthday to Marley
    Happy Birthday to Marley
    You are one big fella and we like that
    Happy Birthday to Marley
    Wow what a day my friend. 10 is a big one for a Big guy. You have the best noms and drinks and wow ladders! Wheee!
    We made you a card too

  8. Happy Birthday! This is a fabulous party!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Happy Birthday you handsome hunka mancat you! What a PAWTY you put on! And what delicious noms and toys too. I'd like to try a ladder if no one else is on it.

  10. Happy Purrthday Marley - and many more !

    We know your TBT loves you all so much that no matter how he "looks" his kind heart shows through !

  11. Happy birthday Marley! #10! That is a milestone. I’d like to see your handsome TBT smile as I know he can!

  12. Happy Purrthday Marley. Wonderful party.

  13. Happy Belated Birthday, Marley!!

    Are there any leftovers?? Maybe just some crumbs...


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