Monday, November 30, 2020

Mancat Monday

LAZ:  Well, TBT finally got a good Tocks shot of me.  Not that I was trying to hide; I'm a proud high-tailed mancat.  Its just that I tend to walk around TBT when we are outside or I am searching fer mousies (sadly, havent caught one yet) and I keep it low while doing that.  Marley says there is no sense tryin ta sneak around while waving a flag...

So annyway, Im ready fer next Tocktober now.

BTW, ya may notice my curly tail.  I pretty sure there is nothin wrong with it.  I mean, sometimes it is straight or curled the other way.  Its usally curled when I sit, too.  It seems ta do what it wants to unless I actally think about it.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

LAZ:  After lunch, I was redy ta go out!  Usally, staring out is a good enough signal to TBT.

But not this time.  So I tapped on the door. 
He thought (he SAYS) that meant I wanted sniffies.  Right, he was funning me.
Dont worry, he immediately opened the door wider.  That proves I was right.  He KNOWS I dont just SNIFF!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Silly Saturday

LAZ:  I was outside with TBT a couple days ago when the Sun was way out at the edge of the world.  I noticed the sunray made my furs look funny.  TBT took some pics.... 

I wasnt sure I liked that all too much, but it wasn't llke forever.  And he said that I crawl unner things and leave my tail stickin out an thats funny too.  So I said OK about using the pics.

That may have been a mistake.  Cuz now it IS kinna forever...


Friday, November 27, 2020

Flashback Friday

Today we revisit this week in  2010.  Ayla and Iza had adjusted to each other.  Happy Sisfurs...

On my lap together...

On the platform tree...

At peace.
If life could be frozen in time, that would sure come close...  There are so many moments in life.    But this is a Top 10...

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Day

THE MEWS:  TBT says today is Thanks Giving Day in our place where we give thanks to the bounty of nature and (for us) mousies.  Sometimes a birdie, but that is rare.  But on our own, we would be very hungry cats.

So first we want to thank TBT for the food he gives us every day several times.  It is GOOD STUFF.  We get fishie food and birdie foods every day.


Second, we want to say TBT is a GOOD FRIEND.  He scritches us in places that we have trouble getting at,  He takes Sticky Seeds out of our furs,  He takes loose furs off us. He lets us sit on his LAP and feel loved.

He pays attention when we meow.  Sometimes that just means we want attention and sometimes we want to go out,  He seems to know.  We are thankful for that,   He doesn't speak The Language, but he guesses pretty well.

 He talks to us all day.   We love to hear him talk to us.  It means he knows we are there around him.  We all talk back.

He stays outside with us ta protect us when we are out,  and that makes us feel safe.  We love being out.  It is very exciting.  And so, when he has to go IN to like make his complicated meals, we come back in.  Because we know he and we will go out again the next day.

We know we are lucky kitties,  TBT says so.  And we agree.  It is a GOOD PLACE.  Marley and Ayla knew from the start (well after a few days).  I Laz, had a trouble trusting it at first, but I know now,

We are showing it by getting along.  Yeah, we used these pics a few days ago, but it still counts.  We are getting along.

We are all thankful and happy here...

We are thankful to be here...

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Twofur Tuesday

MARLEY:  Im enjoying the warm laundry.

 LAZ:  And I am enjoyin one of Aylas favrit spots while she is away ta see what is so good about it.

It IS very well-cushioned...

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

Somekitty found a new toy...

One of my Hobbit slippers...

Dragged it out of the closet ...  Well, Laz has learned how to open the bifold closet doors (and lower kitchen cabinet doors)  I'll guess it was him.  More power to him.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday Introoder

LAZ:   I am brave!  I was outside and saw an introoder cat walking OUR fence.  And Ive learned that the fence means "our yard".  Marley protects our yard, so I do too.  I jumped up behind it and "escorted" it along until it went out of our yard!  

TBT saw, but hesitated to run out with the camera in case I went the wrong way over the fence.  So no pics.  An I almost did.  Thats when he called me.  I REALLY didnt wanna come in but I did.  His call has a strange demand on me.

I came running in.  He is amazed watching me run.  I crash into stuff on the way, slide around on the deck, and bounce off the deck deck side move the door mat feet away, and stop in the bedroom!

My tail was in full poof, but I kept pacing around inside the house and TBT couldn't get a pic of that until I had unpoofed.  

Marley had been out on the deck watching.  It may have been a test, but I KNOW he would have run out if I had had a problem.  He followed me inside and licked my head when I finally stopped trotting around the house.  

And he said I did good!  That meant a lot.  I love my Big Brother Marley.  He teaches me a lot of things.  Like the other day when I jumped off the fence into a shrub.  I thought it would slow down the fall (Im not used ta jumping off the fence) and he said there are pointy parts of them and I could get stabbed.  I hadn't thought of that.

So this time I jumped down to an open spot.  Well, I've only been outside before fer 2 moons.  So I pay attention to Marley.  He's 10!

Annyway, I got lots of crunchies and all the wet Stinky Tuna Goodness I wanted!

Friday, November 20, 2020

Flashback Friday

Today we revisit 2 weeks ago in 2008...  TBTs parents were visiting.  The Dad always claimed to not like cats but he was always good and attentive.  TBT says he probably just dint like cleaning litterboxes.  He's even holding a toy ta toss to me!

The Mom couldnt move very well, so she watched Skeeter, LC, and ME going about our daily lives.  And since we were all friendly (and curious) they saw a lot of us.  TBT tossed toys around so we could show off our hunting skills (though he couldnt toss toys and take pics at the same time. 
The Mom always loved cats (and Siamese females the best) so I spent a lot of time where she could see me.
The Dad was amazed at modern cat toys.  They rattled, they had realistic fur, they had tails and ears!  He said "Back in my day, cat toys were fan-folded wax paper on strings, crumpled paper balls, and ping-pong balls".  I'm sure glad toys got better!
The Dad especially liked Skeeter because of his age, maybe (I didn't mind).  TBT had explained that Skeeter was on his last legs with kidney problems, so if they saw an "embarrassment" on the floor to just let him know so he could clean it up.  (Skeeter went over The Bridge a month later)
The Dad called him a Good Old Boy and made sure to give him attention whenever he was near.  Ya can kinna tell from this picture, he was was gettin old (well, both of them).
LC mostly watched them at a distance.  She was a bit suspicious of anyone who too Skeeters attention away from her.  But it wasn't like she went and hid in the bedroom either.  She just watched...  The Mom objected ta us cats on the dining table, but the blue cloth just covered the real tablecloth and he removed it for dinner.
A little nervous when they walked past her...
But dint run either.
Skeeter sat in the old Easy Chair most of the visit.
It was the last visit from The Dad and The Mom.  The Mom went over The Bridge less than 2 years later to stay with her own beloved cats Kittigree, Kenani, and Hai Yu Phin.  The Dad came to stay for a couple years in 2012 but he wasn't the same.  I mean, he was still kind and all, but he never remembered we (Me, Marley, and Iza then) were there unless he saw us.  And sometimes he seemed surprised to see us.  It got a little weird as we had to constantly re-introduce ourselfs.  And he kept seeing animals and people in the back yard when we and TBT couldn't.

The Dad left here in 2014.  In fact, TBT only just found these pictures in a "wrong folder" and added them back to the cat pics folder last week.  So this is kinna special...

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday



Welcome to The Garden Tour!  I will be your guide today.  Ayla and Marley are preparing the snacks.

There isn't much left.  We had a hard freeze couple days ago (Bast it was cold and windy)!  This is my first time feeling cold outside, and TBT says it will get worse more several full moons.  

But the Marygolds are still blooming, so lets take a walk-around ta see them.

We sure got a LOT.  TBT just tossed around seeds he saved last from last year and they grew.  He dint actually PLANT a single one.

He says they used to be hybrids and ya ca see that some are getting a bit different after several years of doing that.  Some are orangier than others.  Dont ask ME ta explain - I dont even know why Marley an Ayla look differnt from ME!  It is some of that Secret Bein Knowledge...
This colorful pile is stuff TBT cut out from around the house.
This pot of Mums is still  blooming, but not for long.  They will get moved to a flowerbed soon.  I unnerstand that, who doesn't like beds?

 Well, lets see what Ayla an Marley have provided fer snacks...  Hmmm, minced ham, poached chickie breasts with a bit of crumbled bacon, some crunchies, and some bowls of warmish water (well it IS kinna cold today) with crushed Nip leafs in it.  Not bad!

Thanks for coming along on our Garden Tour...


Pee Ess, we are just not getting through with comments.  They just fail.  TBT says he is just going to have a day of misery and frustration trying to figure out why and not expecting much good results.  But he will try.  Next stop is the computer store and they want a week just to look at it.  

We can post, but not comment.  Well, at least there will be posts...

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Speedy Laz

TBT:  Sometimes I can't keep up with this boycat!

Today, I saw him walking on the fence and called to him to stay in the yard.  I looked at me and jumped into a shrub.   Crashed right down into it!  And came running into the house skidding on wet leaves at full speed all the way.  

Oh BAST!  How could I not give him his favorite crunchies after THAT?

I really need to keep the camera in my pocket AT ALL TIMES...

He is going to get special scritchies in the bed tonight!