Friday, November 20, 2020

Flashback Friday

Today we revisit 2 weeks ago in 2008...  TBTs parents were visiting.  The Dad always claimed to not like cats but he was always good and attentive.  TBT says he probably just dint like cleaning litterboxes.  He's even holding a toy ta toss to me!

The Mom couldnt move very well, so she watched Skeeter, LC, and ME going about our daily lives.  And since we were all friendly (and curious) they saw a lot of us.  TBT tossed toys around so we could show off our hunting skills (though he couldnt toss toys and take pics at the same time. 
The Mom always loved cats (and Siamese females the best) so I spent a lot of time where she could see me.
The Dad was amazed at modern cat toys.  They rattled, they had realistic fur, they had tails and ears!  He said "Back in my day, cat toys were fan-folded wax paper on strings, crumpled paper balls, and ping-pong balls".  I'm sure glad toys got better!
The Dad especially liked Skeeter because of his age, maybe (I didn't mind).  TBT had explained that Skeeter was on his last legs with kidney problems, so if they saw an "embarrassment" on the floor to just let him know so he could clean it up.  (Skeeter went over The Bridge a month later)
The Dad called him a Good Old Boy and made sure to give him attention whenever he was near.  Ya can kinna tell from this picture, he was was gettin old (well, both of them).
LC mostly watched them at a distance.  She was a bit suspicious of anyone who too Skeeters attention away from her.  But it wasn't like she went and hid in the bedroom either.  She just watched...  The Mom objected ta us cats on the dining table, but the blue cloth just covered the real tablecloth and he removed it for dinner.
A little nervous when they walked past her...
But dint run either.
Skeeter sat in the old Easy Chair most of the visit.
It was the last visit from The Dad and The Mom.  The Mom went over The Bridge less than 2 years later to stay with her own beloved cats Kittigree, Kenani, and Hai Yu Phin.  The Dad came to stay for a couple years in 2012 but he wasn't the same.  I mean, he was still kind and all, but he never remembered we (Me, Marley, and Iza then) were there unless he saw us.  And sometimes he seemed surprised to see us.  It got a little weird as we had to constantly re-introduce ourselfs.  And he kept seeing animals and people in the back yard when we and TBT couldn't.

The Dad left here in 2014.  In fact, TBT only just found these pictures in a "wrong folder" and added them back to the cat pics folder last week.  So this is kinna special...


  1. How special and indeed precious are these memories now. Glad you 're-found' them!

  2. Wonderful memories are in those pictures!
    Good that you found them :)
    Purrs, Julie

  3. What a wonderful flashback!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. That really is a special bunch of memories, you all were sweet and very social.

  5. These are very special memories for sure. We're glad TBT found the photos.

  6. This one is a really special memory. <3

  7. Very sweet flashback. It is nice to have photos to remember the good times. XO

  8. They are lovely photos and more special for finding them again.

  9. Those really are special - and obviously TBT's folks handed down their love of animals to him (even though The Dad said he didn't like cats)


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