Thursday, November 19, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday



Welcome to The Garden Tour!  I will be your guide today.  Ayla and Marley are preparing the snacks.

There isn't much left.  We had a hard freeze couple days ago (Bast it was cold and windy)!  This is my first time feeling cold outside, and TBT says it will get worse more several full moons.  

But the Marygolds are still blooming, so lets take a walk-around ta see them.

We sure got a LOT.  TBT just tossed around seeds he saved last from last year and they grew.  He dint actually PLANT a single one.

He says they used to be hybrids and ya ca see that some are getting a bit different after several years of doing that.  Some are orangier than others.  Dont ask ME ta explain - I dont even know why Marley an Ayla look differnt from ME!  It is some of that Secret Bein Knowledge...
This colorful pile is stuff TBT cut out from around the house.
This pot of Mums is still  blooming, but not for long.  They will get moved to a flowerbed soon.  I unnerstand that, who doesn't like beds?

 Well, lets see what Ayla an Marley have provided fer snacks...  Hmmm, minced ham, poached chickie breasts with a bit of crumbled bacon, some crunchies, and some bowls of warmish water (well it IS kinna cold today) with crushed Nip leafs in it.  Not bad!

Thanks for coming along on our Garden Tour...


Pee Ess, we are just not getting through with comments.  They just fail.  TBT says he is just going to have a day of misery and frustration trying to figure out why and not expecting much good results.  But he will try.  Next stop is the computer store and they want a week just to look at it.  

We can post, but not comment.  Well, at least there will be posts...


  1. Your first Garden tour, Laz!! We are impressed!
    Those marigolds are hard to squelch, we had ours blooming past the first few frosts but when it was 22F, they gave up...
    *she* has saved a bunch of seeds from ours, too...we shall find out what happens next season:)

    Heavenly Purrs!
    The WBS Angels

  2. Laz! That was an excellent tour! (Course, to be fair, there weren't SO many things to show!) But those Marygolds were very impressive! Do you know they are in great demand for Dia de Los Muertos altars and grave decoration hereabouts. We did hear that the marygold growers in Mexico had a really tough year because of the pandemic--not so many people came out and they ended up with tons of unused flowers. Even beyond those who actually get sick, it's very sad this has affected so many people in such hard ways. Anyway, kudos on the tour and I look forward to some snacks. Hope there are still some left!

  3. It looks like your garden is about done for the year!

  4. Very impressive that you're leading the Garden Tour after so little time in the outdoors, Laz. Well done!

    Sydney, Australia

  5. That is a very good garden tour, Laz. Those marigolds are hardy plants that keep going. The frost has finished of most of my flowers but there are still a few buds on Flynn's rose, and a couple of other roses have flowers on. The memorial garden is sheltered by the "purrison fence" so the plants last longer there. The mums still have colour but will soon go in the greenhouse for the winter.

  6. That was a fine tour Laz!! It is nice to see the flowers you do have. Ours are all gone for the season.
    The snack sound delicious!!!!

    Purrs, Julie

  7. Good job with the tour, Laz! Nice to see the marygolds. Now let's have those snacks!

  8. You did a great job Laz and there is still some pretty colors out there. Dang, that comment thing is so frustrating, we know!

  9. I loved your garden tour Laz, lovely marigolds. Best to your Dad with the tech issues.

  10. Pawsome tour!!! Mom loved marigolds when she lived in NJ.

    The Florida Furkids

  11. SOrry comments are giving you grief. Great tour, the marigolds are beautiful. XO

  12. Great tour Laz ! TBT did a good job emulating the birds when he planted stuff. Garden surprises are usually nice !

  13. You led a wonderful tour Laz. And the other two prepared a great table (and bowls) for us. Fanks yoo.

  14. Our garden are winding down too.

  15. Laz that was a wonderful tour. Yes this time of year the gardens go to sleep but take heart they will be back in the spring and it will be such fun


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