Thursday, December 17, 2020

Garden Thursday

We got up WAY too late today to do the Garden Tour (well it is dark now), but here is what ya would have seen, MOL!

 The Perennial Pansy (planted Oct last year)...

Some Mums...

Some more Mums...
And the Berry, Berry nice Nandina shrub.  It really enjoyed all the rain this year!



  1. Your garden always is blooming with smiles no matter the season!

  2. You still have some pretty things in your garden.

  3. You still have some nice colour in your garden. The few days of hard frost a couple of weeks ago turned my begonias to mush. There are still a few roses hanging on and the mini cyclamen around the boys graves are still valiantly flowering.

  4. Always good to see what's happening in your garden. Thanks for sharing.

    Sydney, Australia


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