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Monday, January 06, 2020

Not A HAPPY Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Well we didn't post earlier for 2 reasons.  First, we dint have any new pictures.  Well, we "accidentally, sort of" upgraded to Mac OS Catalina a a couple weeks ago.  It's not a "friendly little kitty".  In fact, we can't seem ta undo it. 

Most stuff got working with some effort, but we tried opening new pics yesserday.  Its not werkin right.  Our old "iPhotos" has to be changed to "Photos".  What an "i" matters is beyond me.  So I dont have a pic of me ta use.

The OTHER thing was that TBT was getting some food for us earlier and lifted his heel ta reach something.  My tail got unner his heel and when he settled back, AAAACCCCKKKKSCREAMHISS!!!!  An it wasnt just the tip, he got the base of it...  Oh BAST hes heavy!  So I have been mad at him all day.  I DID get special treats all to myself after, but STILL...

I could let him use an old pic an fake it, but Im refusing. 

An apparently, we have a stranger coming to visit to look at the heaty/cooly thing tomorrow, TBT is gonna be gone a while for a tooth thing the next day, and Iza goes ta the Vet again the day after that (and she is even more easily annoyed than usual after that), so  don't know what the next few days will be like.

IF we are away fer a few days thats why, but it may not even be a day.  Depends...