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Tuesday, January 07, 2020

The Stranger Came And Went

Thank Bast it was fast.  And he didnt scare us much.  Mostly basement stuff.  Marley was hiding for an hour later though.  He is VERY BRAVE about some things, but not others.  Introoder cats, he handles that.  Strangers, not so good.  In fact, TBT  made the toy goose honk just once last night, and he left fast UTB.

Evrycat has a THING, right?

Annyway, the Stranger fixed the heaty/cooly.  

The picture app thingy isnt doing anything, TBT wonders if is even thinking.  Some picture keeps moving though, and will be patient.

Pictures when we can again...

LOOOONG Update Of Photo App

TBT Here:  The Photo app update has been going on for 16 hours.  Well, I do have a lot of photos.  But we are all annoyed about this.

So here is a Throwback Tuesday to pass the time...

Enjoy!  We will get new again soon, we hope...