Thursday, January 30, 2020

Old Pictures

Dad got the Old Windows puter working and found pictures of Skeeter and LC from before our time.  Some of them are very blurry, but most of them are not.  So he is going to be careful copying the good ones to the new Mac Mini.

But he said we might could maybe safely copy a few on the flash drive thingy, so here they are.  IT WERKED!

Skeeter in 2006.
And LC on the fence in 2007!
And them together!
Hopefully, there will be more soon for Flashback Fridays, but we won't know fer sure until he looks through them all.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Womancat Wensday

AYLA:  No thanks, Im FULL...

Something that Iza cant imagine meowing...

Seriously, Dad weighs us every few days ta make sure we are getting enough food.  Marley goes up and down a few ounces.  Iza goes up and down a few ounces.  MY weight never changes.  I am 6.4 lbs every time for years...

Well, I like food, but I always know when I've had "enough".  It drives Iza nuts.  She never saw food and not eat it.  Poor girl...  No self-control, ya know?

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Twofer Tuesday

MARLEY:  The Lap is great as always...
But it is also nice ta see Iza near.
That makes it a Twofer...
We save the Threefers for Easy Like Sunday...

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Back On Line

Dad says we have email back.   Yay!  But its only his email.  For now.  Boo Hiss...

But we have pictures...

And we are still on the S L O W computer...

Friday, January 24, 2020

Computer Problems And Fixes

TBT here:  While I am waiting for a possible repair appointment on Tuesday, I am trying to make my OLDEST Mac Mini basically functional.  So far, I have managed to upgrade the Operating System to "High Sierra" from some 2014 version.  That allows some programs that I restored from my external backup drive to operate. 

I can't get at my email, though.  New messages are sitting on an AOL server somewhere.  I just can't download them.  If you get an "undeliverable" message, just wait.  When the power port is repaired (I can't believe it, but it may take several weeks), I SHOULD be able to get at them then.

I made the mistake of upgrading the CURRENT Mac Mini to the Mac  "Catalina " OS in December and that made almost all my programs obsolete.  And trying to fix THAT is what led to all my current problems.

Thinking I needed a newer Mac Mini, I ordered one, and attempted to migrate my CURRENT one to it.  The NEW one doesn't have the storage memory of the Current one (apparently Apple expected me to move to iCloud, so desktop storage would not be as important).  350 GB will not fit on a 128 GB drive...

Swapping computers around, I managed to drop the CURRENT Mac Mini and the power port stopped working.  So the NEW one wouldn't hold the CURRENT one and the CURRENT one won't start.

Which is why  I'm S L O W L Y finding ways to get the OLDEST Mac Mini functioning.  I have some good news.  With the High Sierra OS downloaded to the OLDEST Mac Mini, my iPhotos app works, Firefox works, my antivirus program works, and MS Word and Excel work.

I can get by on that for a while.  Not having email is driving me crazy, though.  I get up in the morning and want to check it.  I use it for reading new blog comments.  I have SOME friends I only know through email; I can't even call them to tell them I am having problems.

Meanwhile, the local Geek Squad says to expect several weeks before I get the CURRENT one repaired and returned.  They have to send it to an Apple repair center.  They do software fixes but aren't allowed to do hardware repair. 

The nearest Apple repair store is a 60 mile roundtrip and they won't promise to fix it (I smoke, so they say "it depends").  So I have to drive 60 miles just to let them decide.  A local PC computer repair store says they will sometimes to simple hardware work on Macs, but I have to talk to the owner Monday.

Just wanted to keep everyone advised...

BTW, I do have some pre-scheduled cat posts saved.  They will be a couple of weeks old, but we aren't a "today right now" blog, and something is better than nothing. 

We'll be back to normal eventually...

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Horrible Computer Wensday

TBT:  OK, my computers are totally screwed up.  The Apple folks got my new one working.  It was the power cord.  In spite of the fact that that they seem identical and plug in the same, there is some differences in "power rate".  When I used the new one, everything came online.  Dang I hate it when techs make me feel stupid.

But that's why they are on the "help" side of the telephone and I'm not.  Still, it's pretty hard to be told the solution is simple.  It's that ONE thing they ask and you think "OMG, the ONE thing I didn't try"...

But then I discovered the new computer was a piece of junk!  My OLDEST Mac Mini (2014) had 300 Gb of storage memory.  The CURRENT one (2017) has about 500 Gb.  I only bought the new one because I misunderstood what the disk scanner program was telling me about available memory.

The new one has only 128Gb!  The NEWEST one can't hold even the OLDEST one.  My fault completely.  I assumed any new one had more memory that an older one.  It is a Cloud computer.  And I can't return it because I have corrupted it with some of my migrated files.

So what I need is my CURRENT one working.  That's the one with the dead power port.  Which means I have a reservation to bring it to to Best Buy next Tuesday so that they can send it to an Apple repair site and THEY will get to it in about a week, and then it gets slowly returned to me.

We are talking maybe a month.  So we are going to be non-email for a while.  I may explore my Windows 10 computer, but I don't understand it very well.  It is going to be very weird not checking my email a few times a day.  But in case we go "missing", I offer this...

To tune of “You’re A Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates…


I’m a Good Girl, And I try so hard
To make Daddy happy each and every day.
I can rely on my Daddy’s care.
I can rely that he's always there.

I’m a Good Girl and he tells me so,
Even if I sometimes tap on Ayla’s hip.
I try ta be nice but its just so hard
So he kinna sorta unnerstands I slip.

I’m a Good Girl, I would like ta be better
But it really isn’t quite my nature to.
I sure depend on my Daddy’s love.
I really thrive on my Daddy’s love.

I’m a Good Girl, but it gets so hard
Cause I really wanta be his only cat.
I‘m so completely attached to him.
All I really want, is to have just him.

I’m a Good Girl, and I try to like
Marley brofur, sisfur Ayla just like him.
But who am I foolin cause I want them gone
Just so I could finally have Daddy alone!

I’m a Good Girl, But I know that Dad
Would be saddy if others moved away.
So I have to live with the other two
Have to be nice to the other two.

I’m a Good Girl, and I try so hard
To make Daddy happy each and every day…

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Computer Problems

TBT Here:  We are having real computer problems.  The CURRENT one stopped starting.  The NEWEST one won't talk ta the moniter.  We are on the OLDEST Mac.  We don't have email or most programs.  The Geek Squad can't help us until next Tuesday.

We cant get at pictures.  But happily we created a bunch of posts for a week or so before everything went whack.  We can visit on the OLDEST computer or the LAPTOP, but we are kinna messed up  for a while.

We are all OK.  We'll be back...  It is just going to be a weird few weeks. 

If you want to know, the real details are HERE!  On My Cavebear Blog.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Two For Tuesday

IZA:  Nah, I havent lost my head.  It just drapes down so well...
I do that when utterly zonked on The Lap...
I'll try ta get my head back on next time!

Monday, January 20, 2020

MLK Monday

ALL:  Its a Bein Holiday today.  I don't quite unnerstand it.  Its about Bein Colors I think.  Beins care about that, like some are better than others.  And they dont even have proper fur.

So why don't they think the same about us cats in different colors?  Do they think the meezers are different than calicos than gingers that black than brown than blues etc?  It doesn't seem like that.  In fact, they like the differences.  Go figure...

We think it would be great if Beins came in red, blue, green, gold, black, white, purple, and some combinations.

We love watching Star Trek.  So many interesting Beins...

They still don't have enough fur, though.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  My fursiblings are weerd... 
Marley likes ta sit on the back of the chair.
 Iza can sleep on a piece of plywood!  The plywood is there to flatten down plastic placemats... 
She like ta push against annything soft.
But it is also close to TBT.  I wonder what she will do when TBT moves it?  He has plans to do that (he tells me stuff because I am smarter and more understaning of what he says).
My guess is that she will stay closer to The Chair.

I was purring at both of them not to move while TBT took pictures

Friday, January 17, 2020

Flashback Friday

If you like pictures, you found the treat jar OPEN today!  Todays flashback is from this day in 2012.  We were all playing with toys we got for Chrissymouse Day and our Gotcha Day...

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Our Gotcha Day

ALL:  Its our Gotcha Day.  Ayla and Iza were the same day, and Marley was so close (as The Lady agreed to let him join us on this date) we decided that matterred and it was all the same.  Makes it simpler, ya know?

So it is PAWTY TIME!

Join us for the new year Gotcha Day!

I (Ayla) was Gotched today in 2008.
I (Iza) was Gotched today in 2009.
I (Marley) was Gotched in 2011 almost today, but we count it the same day.  I go along with things...