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Thursday, February 27, 2020


MARLEY:  Iza and I went to the vet today, GRRR.  TBT caught me off guard.  He lured me into his litter room and SHUT THE DOOR!  When he opened it, I tried to run but he grabbed me (wearing leather gloves) and shoved me into the PTU that he had put RIGHT THERE at the door.

I got squeezed and stabbed at the Vet but it wasnt too bad.

Iza had it worse.   She are been having the sickies since the visit last week.  Turned up her nose at some foods and couldnt keep down what she DID eat.  She lost 8 oz in a week!  The Vet Lady says she might have that annoyed bowel thing.  So she got 3 shots.  One fer helping keep her food in, one fer nausea, and a B-12.  And she got her ears cleaned too because of the grease TBT rubs in them. 

Thyroid, blood pressure, kidneys, and now her tummy...

Send Iza some purrs.