Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Twofur Tuesday

IZA:  Some nights, ya just cant get annything right!  Marley is in Aylas bed-on-the-bed and I am not in the corner of the bed as usual.
The USUAL places are for Marley to be on the top platform of the old tree in The Mews Room (not the fancy ones in the living room).  And I normally sleep in the bottom corner of the waterybed because it doesnt move much when TBT tosses and turns at night. 

It was probably a Full Moon or something...

Monday, March 30, 2020

Mancat Monday

MARLEY: A happy mancat likes to spread out his front legs and paws.  I am a happy mancat!
Corners are especially good for that.
As long as it is just ME of course.  I wouldnt introod on a womancatt space!
But it DOES feel good...
Spreading the toes is also good.  Dont worry that there are no claws showing.  The vet did a routine clippy claws on me when I got my teeth cleaned recently.  I wasnt thrilled, but theyll be back for mousie-hunting soon enough.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

My Special Windowsill

AYLA:  I was asked about MY windowsill.  Yes, I have one of my own (mostly).  It is in TBTs litter room and for some odd reason it is rather higher up than the other windowsills in the house. 

I levitate up there easily.  Marley used to be able to when he was younger, but he hits the window and doesn't try much annymore.  Iza cant get up there at all.

I have a picture around somewhere when TBT made a sign just for me, but I cant find it.  There is a picture of when Marley got up there.  I have some other pictures of it, but there are a lot, so I am putting in some links:





Saturday, March 28, 2020

Scrumptious Saturday

AYLA:  From my private windowsill, I can see birdies .  Fat, plump, tastey-looking birdies just walking on the ground with out a care in the world...
TBT says they are called doves.  I sure would like ta "love a dove".   But they all fly away when I get outside.
It drives me crazy sometimes!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Flashback Friday

It was this day in 2009.  It was just 3 months after Skeeter went OTB, and LC was probably trying to figure out why she got left with these 2 tan girlcats (they were still youngish) instead...
 Meanwhile, outside, we still had clumps of crocuses.  There are almost none left now.  The voles got almost all of them.  They WERE lovely.  There are a few major clumps in relatively hidden places where the moles don't dig tunnels for the voles to use.  Moles dont seem to like to tunnel under flagstones, for example (can't raise the soil up).
I think I will replant them in wire mesh cages like my tulips

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

We Are Back!

Hello again to Catblogosphereland!  We are RETURNED!

TBT is slow and stoopid, but as HIS Dad used to say "Even a blind pig can find an acorn under an oak tree".  No insult to pigs, of course.  And not that we want to find acorns, but he DID finally get things fixed (crossed paws) we hope.

Meow, meow, meow, meow!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


TBT Here:  Just to let everyone what is going on...

1.  Ayla goes to the Vet to make sure her tooth extractions went well an the sutures are dissolving properly.  Due to Covid19, they have set up some protective procedures.  You call the vet office from the parking lot, they come to the door, you leave the pet, they bring it in, and you wait in your car. 

Which is fine if you have a cell phone.  I don't, but they said to knock on the door.  Sounds like a medieval monastery, LOL!  Then they take your credit card number by phone for payment.  I suppose they will let me drive home and call from there...

2.  Iza's prescribed Welactin omega-3 supplement ran out a few days ago.  I took a chance and visited both PetSmart and Petco looking for it.  Neither said they ever carried it, which baffled me; I got it somewhere.  Then remembered it was from Chewy.  

So, I placed an order with Chewy today for the Welactin, and added 2 cases of Friskies Ocean Whitefish&Tuna Dinner.  For some reason, The Mews are in love with that right now.  I have some other brand/flavors I tried that they don't, but if I mix the 2, they will eat it. 

In response to my order, I received a reply saying that things were backed up and it may take 5-8 days delivery instead of the usual 1-2 days.  I note that they were careful not specify whether it was at their end or the UPS/Fedex end.  So that means it is at their end...

With the new order, I will have about 2 months of food for The Mews.  And about the same of litter.  And all routine vet visits are complete for the year.  So they will be fine.

I'm also posting about mey own situation on the Cavebear's Lair blog (right sidebar, toward the top in RED, but it may take a couple of hours.  I don't type fast and I edit/rewrite a lot.   

3.  My thoughts to all of you with serious lockdowns and restrictions and more serious confirmed and potential cases of CoVid19...

Mark and The Mews

Monday, March 16, 2020

We Are Still Here

Ayla is happy with her clean teeth and does miss the removed ones.  Marley got is teeth cleaned and didn't lose any.  Iza had hers cleaned last year and was fine. 

We didnt get the puter fixed as we hoped and TBT has ordered a 5TB Seagate external HD that should hold EVERYTHING and solve most problems.  But it will be Friday before it gets here so we are old-laptopped until then with no pics.

But we will get back...

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Written piecemeal over 2 days using my laptop.  No pictures or anything (it isn't actually networked to my desktop).  

I successfully migrated my files from my external backup drive ("My Passport") using "Time Machine", but all I got was the current version.  I thought I was migrating my Oct 2019 files.    Happened a 2nd time too.  It was weird too.  The Migration Assistant app said it would take 192 hours at one point.  Fortunately, it only took 24 hours.  But that wasn't what I needed. 

So, I'm erasing my desktop HD.  That's scary.  But it won't LET me erase the HD.  The Mac Help instructions fail at one step.  So I searched for other ways.  I found one and it seems to be processing now.  Think it worked.

Now I will try the Migration Assistant again and see if I erred in identifying the backed up OCT 2019 source.

If THAT doesn't work, I will have to conclude that the renewed Mac Mini (a 2011 model, I've realized) just isn't going to work.  And if so, I will give up wasting money trying to be cheap and buy an up-to-date model.  Which I fear will force me to accept new programs and learn new stuff, which I was trying to avoid.

AHAH!  I just realized why I keep getting the current computer files (which I don't want) on the new Mac.  I'm not specifying the older version from the Time Machine.  It seems to automatically choose the newest one.  I need to find a way to choose Oct 2019 backup!  I don't know if I can.

OK, I can't seem to.  But I have another idea.  Apparently, doing a direct migration using Time Machine, it can only recognize the newest backup.  But if I do a Restore to an older computer it was backed up from, it allows me to choose the specific backup to Restore.   And I have an old one that works  (fan is dying and makes noise).  So I'm going to set it up, see if I can Restore it with the Time Machine backup from Oct 2019, and then migrate THAT to the new Mac.

But not tonight.  It is late.

BTW, don't blame Macs for all this.  I really messed things up myself (or it wouldn't be so dreadfully complicated to fix).  I've migrated old macs to new before and it worked great!  Time Machine is a really great backup system.  And Apple really makes it easy.  Unless someone like me really screws things up royally!

THe other thig is that I am too impatient.  When some app isn't working fast enough, I decide it isn't working at ALL and move ahead when I shouldn't.  I am learning "patience",  and it is helping.  Some apps go slow, so I just have to let them do their thing and walk away for hours sometimes.  A tip on a website helped with that.  It gave some instructions and said "BE PATIENT some serious changes can take hours".

OK, set the migration apps to start and walk away.  Even better, go to bed...  I will be doing that shortly!


Ayla had her teeth cleaned yesterday.  And that wasn't all.  She needed 3 teeth extracted because of serious decay.  She wasn't happy eating recently and that may be why.  The vet said she might not want to eat much for a day.  But she did!  She was pretty upset at a new visit, but she seemed a lot happier when she returned.  Marley goes in for the same tomorrow, but the vet said she didn't see any decay, so it should be just cleaning. 

Sunday, March 08, 2020


This is a TBT situation.  Our puter is ALL messed up and he made it worse yesterday.  WE dont unnerstand, but the details are HERE.  But this may be our last post for a while.  Well, unntil he fixes it (we know he will, hes TBT).  But we are shut down for a while...

Easy Like Sunday

First, a bit of stuff TBT explained to us about comments that sometimes werk or don't.  He says he now thinks it sometimes the browser, sometimes blogger, sometimes the blog we are visiting, but maybe most offen we dont wait long enough for a comment to go through from here to there. 

That last may be the biggest problem for us.  We are impatient (hey, we are CATS).  The browser shows a little bouncy thing in the tab and we get bored waiting.  So we are gonna visit our friends and wait longer.


Now to Easy Like Sunday...

It was dinnertime (all meals are "dinnertime" really), and we were waiting patiently.
Walking around.
Watching our bowls.
Looking up at the counter where the food comes from magically...
And it all finally floated down.  You dont see us eating because it can be a bit blurry and we dont waste anny time in the early morning,,,

Friday, March 06, 2020


We have the uncomfortable feeling that we have been typing comments to our friends and they are not showing up in many sites.  If that is true, be assured we are trying. 

We see more and more blogs where the comments box asks for our name, email and address.  Some autofill with a letter or two but more don't lately (demanding we enter it all from scratch).  And one site demanded we clear our cookies and cache.

We dont unnerstand that stuff and will keep trying, hoping it is temporary.  But if you haven't been hearing from us, that might be why.

Meanwhile,  March 2017...

Marley on Mouse Patrol...   Patient, silent, looking for movement, listening for squeeks...

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Thankful Thursday

MARLEY:  I am thankful for my REAL cave.  It is part of the cat tree TBT built before my time (and before he bought real cat trees), and I do love the platforms.  I spend every early morning there.  Iza and Ayla are welcome there, but it is pretty much all mine.  And ya see all that ripped up rope?  That's MY werk...

But the cave is the best part...

Hurray for close snuggly places!

Monday, March 02, 2020

Dr Seuss Day Story

The Cat In The Hat as interpreted in “The Fantastic Four” style”:

The sun did not shine enough for Galacticus to see the planet.
It was too wet for Dr Doom to come out in his iron armor.
Submariner actually hated rain (it felt weird to be pelted with droplets of water).
The Mole Man was sipping fungus tea underground.
The Skrulls and the Kree were fighting their unending war somewhere, but not here.
The Watchers were watching.

All was peaceful.

Mr Fantastic was bored.   He had solved every science question in the universe but how to make The Thing normal. 
Sue Storm was being invisible (bad hair day).
The Torch can’t fly in the rain.
The Thing wanted to be normal and was always bugging Mr Fantastic about that.
Free Marvel Thing (Benjamin Grimm) PNG Transparent Images ...

So Mr Fantastic decided on a new idea.  If he split The Thing into pieces with his new “Dividerator” (purchased from a Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz),
Heinz Doofenshmirtz.png
one Thing might be “normal”.

And so he did.  With the Dividerator, he got The Thing back to Not The Thing and there were 2 small versions of the old Thing left over.

Ben was thrilled to be normal again.  He named the smaller parts Thing 1 and Thing 2.

But when Ben looked in a mirror, he discovered he was a 4’ Cat.
Cat in the hat clip art 3
Mr Fantastic shrugged his shoulders and said “one never knows” about experiments.  But being a Cat was better than being The Thing.  And he had 2 little sidekicks...  Life was good.  And the 2 small Things loved being alive.

So he thought about what to do.  Maybe surprise Dr Doom.  Maybe catch The Hulk as Bruce Banner.  But as he was walking around Yancey Street with his 2 little former selves at his side, he saw a couple of kids left alone sitting on their doorstep, bored.  So he thought, “maybe I and my little clones could cheer them up".

So he put on a strange hat he found on the sidewalk (Fitted over his identical hat), introduced himself (remember he looked like a cat).  And he was a good person (safe and innocent), happy to be free of his former self. 

They had nice fun (though the goldfish complained a lot).  Messed up the house a bit.  But eventually, the parents were coming home.  So he ordered his Thing1 and Thing2 to clean up the mess.   And barely in the nick of time, all was well in the house and Ben Grimm and his 2 little Things were were gone out the back door.  It was as if nothing had happened.

And the children remembered the Cat In The Hat and loved cats forever and ever and ever!

The girl became a famous cat disease researcher and solved many problems.  The boy became a Vet next door to his sister, happy at his work of caring for unhappy, injured and sick kitties (and woofies and other animals of course) with unending loving and nurturing. 

And it meant nothing to them that their address was on Mulligan Street, that their property owner was named Leo Orax , or that the lawyer in the office next to them was Y. Turtle...

Happy Dr Seuss Day...

Sunday, March 01, 2020

Before Dr Seuss Day

We are all preparing to celebrate Dr Seuss Day.  Mostly, we are practicing trying to wear the hat.

We're not very good at it!

So TBT better write a good poem...

Or we are gonna look like mewly kittens...