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Sunday, March 08, 2020


This is a TBT situation.  Our puter is ALL messed up and he made it worse yesterday.  WE dont unnerstand, but the details are HERE.  But this may be our last post for a while.  Well, unntil he fixes it (we know he will, hes TBT).  But we are shut down for a while...

Easy Like Sunday

First, a bit of stuff TBT explained to us about comments that sometimes werk or don't.  He says he now thinks it sometimes the browser, sometimes blogger, sometimes the blog we are visiting, but maybe most offen we dont wait long enough for a comment to go through from here to there. 

That last may be the biggest problem for us.  We are impatient (hey, we are CATS).  The browser shows a little bouncy thing in the tab and we get bored waiting.  So we are gonna visit our friends and wait longer.


Now to Easy Like Sunday...

It was dinnertime (all meals are "dinnertime" really), and we were waiting patiently.
Walking around.
Watching our bowls.
Looking up at the counter where the food comes from magically...
And it all finally floated down.  You dont see us eating because it can be a bit blurry and we dont waste anny time in the early morning,,,