Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Written piecemeal over 2 days using my laptop.  No pictures or anything (it isn't actually networked to my desktop).  

I successfully migrated my files from my external backup drive ("My Passport") using "Time Machine", but all I got was the current version.  I thought I was migrating my Oct 2019 files.    Happened a 2nd time too.  It was weird too.  The Migration Assistant app said it would take 192 hours at one point.  Fortunately, it only took 24 hours.  But that wasn't what I needed. 

So, I'm erasing my desktop HD.  That's scary.  But it won't LET me erase the HD.  The Mac Help instructions fail at one step.  So I searched for other ways.  I found one and it seems to be processing now.  Think it worked.

Now I will try the Migration Assistant again and see if I erred in identifying the backed up OCT 2019 source.

If THAT doesn't work, I will have to conclude that the renewed Mac Mini (a 2011 model, I've realized) just isn't going to work.  And if so, I will give up wasting money trying to be cheap and buy an up-to-date model.  Which I fear will force me to accept new programs and learn new stuff, which I was trying to avoid.

AHAH!  I just realized why I keep getting the current computer files (which I don't want) on the new Mac.  I'm not specifying the older version from the Time Machine.  It seems to automatically choose the newest one.  I need to find a way to choose Oct 2019 backup!  I don't know if I can.

OK, I can't seem to.  But I have another idea.  Apparently, doing a direct migration using Time Machine, it can only recognize the newest backup.  But if I do a Restore to an older computer it was backed up from, it allows me to choose the specific backup to Restore.   And I have an old one that works  (fan is dying and makes noise).  So I'm going to set it up, see if I can Restore it with the Time Machine backup from Oct 2019, and then migrate THAT to the new Mac.

But not tonight.  It is late.

BTW, don't blame Macs for all this.  I really messed things up myself (or it wouldn't be so dreadfully complicated to fix).  I've migrated old macs to new before and it worked great!  Time Machine is a really great backup system.  And Apple really makes it easy.  Unless someone like me really screws things up royally!

THe other thig is that I am too impatient.  When some app isn't working fast enough, I decide it isn't working at ALL and move ahead when I shouldn't.  I am learning "patience",  and it is helping.  Some apps go slow, so I just have to let them do their thing and walk away for hours sometimes.  A tip on a website helped with that.  It gave some instructions and said "BE PATIENT some serious changes can take hours".

OK, set the migration apps to start and walk away.  Even better, go to bed...  I will be doing that shortly!


Ayla had her teeth cleaned yesterday.  And that wasn't all.  She needed 3 teeth extracted because of serious decay.  She wasn't happy eating recently and that may be why.  The vet said she might not want to eat much for a day.  But she did!  She was pretty upset at a new visit, but she seemed a lot happier when she returned.  Marley goes in for the same tomorrow, but the vet said she didn't see any decay, so it should be just cleaning.