Thursday, April 09, 2020

The Sads

TBT Here:  I have some sad news.  Iza is probably going over The Bridge soon.  She has been on blood-pressure pills, thyroid ear gel and omega3&6 additives (for kidney problems) for several months. 

But things have gotten seriously worse the past week.  She has stopped eating even her favorite foods.  She is visibly losing weight daily and my digital scale says she has gone from 10.4 lbs to 8.6.  I think she has lost her sense of taste and smell.  And possbly hearing.  If I call her name, whistle loudly, or clap my hands, her ears don't even twitch.

She sits on her mat on the floor and stares at a spot a few inches away for an hour at a time.

She acts confused.  Last night, she walked ON Marley as if he wasn't there.

When she goes out on the deck, she sits on wet spots, and seems to be trying to sniff the world. 

She is suddenly peeing on the kitchen floor.  She complains if I pick her up, though she still purrs after.  But we all know that sometimes purring is an internal comforting action.

She went outside and down the deck stairs, but was reluctant to come back up.  I encouraged her to see what she could do.  She moved one paw at a time the whole way, and hesitated every few steps. 

Last night, I saw her try to walk and her paws slipped out from under her.

She is only 12.

It's not like I love any of the Mews more or less than the others.  Each is so special.  But this is hitting so hard.  I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow morning.  The vet will give her a full physical and mental exam.  And will then call me about what can be done if anything.

I went through this with Skeeter for 6 months watching him slowly die back in 2008 while the old vet refused euthansia.  I don't think I can do it again.  I wouldn't wish that on myself.  I doubt the vet can offer any new medications (but will listen to any suggestions that don't just cause existence at the expense of struggle). 

I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face.  No matter what the vet can do, I am certain that Iza is going to be leaving me fairly soon. 

I think my lovey lap-cat, attentive one, talker-to-me, silent-one-at my-feet, enjoyer-of-all-foods, under-the-covers sleep companion, sweetest-looking-meanie, demon of the rattley-mice toys, etc is going to leave my life soon.