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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Iza Tribute

My Tribute to Iza...

From Ann... 

Now, pictures of Iza's life. The best lapcat ever.  Sweetest-looking meanie ever.  Everytime I looked around, she was there staring at me with adoring eyes.  Well, except when she was napping in a sunpuddle or in a box.

At night, she would sleep in a corner of the bed.  It's a waterbed and I toss and turn a lot, but she figured out that the corner never moved much, so she slept there.  I could never sit in a chair without her immediately coming up onto my lap.  It was the place she felt happiest and most comfortable.  She was always at peace on my lap.  I loved stroking her mink-like fur while she napped on The Lap and she soothed me as I soothed her.

She was originally passed around between several Siamese breeders as a "smudged-furred Siamese" and appreciated by none.  I had an arrangement with a breeder to let me know when there was an "unloved one" not suitable for their needs.  I got Ayla that way because she was "too small to breed" and I got Iza as "poor colors".

None of that mattered to me, so (while it was breeders), it was a rescue in a way.  I want to thank my friends at for immediately recognizing that she wasn't a 'bad furred" Siamese, but a very well-colored Tonkinese.  I had never heard of Tonkinese, but when I did a net search, there was the virtual image of Iza.  She was the very definition of the breed.

Did I mention that she had fur that would make a mink envious?

I was thrilled to have her in my life, but her being a Tonkinese made her special(er).  All cats are special, but you know what I mean.  I will be making a wooden marker for her tomorrow and get brass letters of her name and a resin statue of a cat to attach to it.  Then I will decide on a place for her in the flowerbed next to those of Skeeter and LC.

In her too-short 12 years, I took so many pics, but I have 17,000+ pictures in the files and may have missed some good ones.  Well, here are many.  She deserves "many"...

She arrived one day, brought by the lady who breeds Siamese.  Iza spent her first 2 days here in The Mews Room, but was very calm about it all.  Apparently, she HAD been moved around a lot.  She just didn't know that she had arrived in her Forever Home yet.
She loved her toys and kept close watch on them.  
When she had her ladygarden operation, I made this sort of "onesie" with heartfelt messages...  I am a bad artist.
It didn't work well, but I found this "small dog" inflatable collar.  IT worked great.

She always loved fancy places to sit..
And found favorite toys.  Mostly rattley mousies , but Pink Softy Mouse and Blue Softy Mouse became her special toys.
Ayla and Iza wrassled when Iza was young.  But as Iza grew larger, they stopped. It wasn't fair to Ayla and Iza understood that.

Iza loved being outside (for short times) and doing the Thursday Garden Tour.  The Garden Tours WILL continue, but I am discussing that with Ayla and Marley about who feels best about hosting. 
She loved sitting on her back with her feet against a wall.  And showing off her silken tummy.
She adored tearing up cardboard egg cartons, but the pic won't display...

Iza wasn't quite sure about Marley when he arrived.  He may have been the first mancat she had met.  But they became great friends.
 They all got along very well.  Here, they are all sniffing the outside waiting for me to open the door.

Iza and Marley became seriously great friends.   Iza groomed Marley often.  But he has always had that "new kitten" and talcum powder smell to him, so I wasn't surprised.  Iza groomed Marley, he groomed me, and Ayla likes to lick hands. 
The inside view of the deck door.  They could always wait patiently together for the door to be opened.
And they could all get interested in "stuff" together.  I probably didn't show their togetherness as often as I should have.  But sometimes you don't have a camera in your pocket.
Iza was always a good exerciser.  Being a REALLY PLUMP KITTY, she did her best.  So she was also VERY STRONG.  On the rare occasions when she DIDN'T want to be picked up, it was like wrestling a python.
Iza loved the deck and yard.  Always watchful for Evil Skwerrels or Introoder cats. 
And she LOVED boxes!
But most of all, she loved laying on The Lap.  I could seldom sit down without her demanding laptime.  Sometimes, she would just pass out in security and pleasure.  She would settle down so completely that I could pick her up like a baby and re-arrange her when my legs went numb and she wouldn't even wake up.  She trusted me that much.
The sweet, loving face, now only in pictures and memory...

Oh my dear sweet girl, I miss you so much.  But at least, now, she is off the pain of all those ailments, and will finally meet Skeeter, who I told her about so many times as she purred on my lap.

Talk to me in my sleep, dear friend, I will hear you best in my dreams..