Monday, April 20, 2020

Mancat Monday

MARLEY: There is a hammick under the little rug.  It is really comfy and I enjoy laying there in the evening while TBT is eating his dinner.
Ive developed some odd habits about the hammick lately (TBT says).  First I sniff the Nanner and the mat before curling up on the hammick.  We all develop routines...

Last 2 nights, I wandered around the house merfing quietly for almost an hour.  Not sure why.  TBT says he doesn't recall me doing that before.  Ayla often does that, though.

I just felt a bit restless and wanted to search around the house...  Patrol duty.  As the mancat, I have to make sure all is OK while TBT sleeps sometimes.  I'm a responsible mancat.  I usually dont merf when Im doing that though.