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Tuesday, April 21, 2020


AYLA:  My hunting instincts are expressing themselfs more recently.  I recently found a REALLY GOOD PLACE to sit and watch for mousies.  Its a piece of wood and I can sit there not rustling the slightest of plant.  And talk about a Silent Launchpad for a pounce!  It is great.

It a board TBT put in under the birdie-feeder to make his stepladder level to fill the feeder safely.  Well, thats what it is to HIM.  To ME, its a pounce pad!

Its in the big daffodil bed.  And trust me, I know where every single mousie hole is in the bed.  This is the best spot.   Well, it is right under the birdie feeder and the mousies LOVE the spilled sunflower seeds.

On the other paw, when TBT calls me in for a meal, I don't sit around waiting for a mousie.   Food in the bowl is worth 2 mousies in the weeds...