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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Thankful Thursday

TBT Here:  We received a special gift today.  No, not a new member of The Mews.  That has to wait.   But it was very special nonetheless.  It was a beautiful Memorial Plaque for Iza.
We are unsure of the sender, but we want to say "Thank You".  It arrived from (and I don't think they know Iza went OTB or would send such a lovely thing on their own) and without a note or any indication of who sent it.  If that was intentional, then please accept our thanks.  If there was supposed to be a note or if you want to whisper in our ear "glad you liked it", our email is on the sidebar.  If you want to stay anonymous, we understand (having sent a couple of anonymous gifts ourselves over the years).

I have constructed the memorial box for Iza (will post soon on my own blog about that) and have a 10" resin cat figurine to put on the top that matches the ones on Skeeter and LC's marker boxes.  I think I will continue that tradition for uniformity over the years.

But, since the Memorial Plaque does not name Iza specifically, it gave me an idea.  I was already intending to have a collection of the graphics we were sent for Iza professionally printed.  I think I will go back and collect a few pictures of Skeeter and LC and have them printed also.  I will frame each separately.  Then hang them in The Mews Room together with the Memorial Plaque as it certainly applies to them all (and The Mews that follow them).

The plaque will be the loveliest of accompaniments to all of the framed pictures.

So, to whomever sent it, thank you so very much.  It was a kind and generous gift and very much appreciated.

In Gratitude and Catitude,