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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thankful Thursday

AYLA:  Today I am thankful for Birdie TV.  I watch from the windersill a lot! 

The Goldfinches are  nearly fuly-color.
I love watching them fly around.  TBT was surprised to catch 2 of them flying at the same time.  I like looking at the picture to unnerstand better how they fly.  I would love to do that.
There are 2 thistleseed feeders and they flit between then back and forth, up and down.  The movement is SO exciting!  That they keep changing perches baffles me.  Its all the same seeds.  
I dont see all the same colors as TBT.  Well, he SAYS there are more, but sometimes he makes weerd jokes.  But I see these as bright spots.  Unike our black foodbowls he calls "red".  
Like this black birdie. Well, if he loves them, fine..
They are really crowding around the feeders lately.  Why do black seeds make them turn bright?  
But as long as they move around, I LOVE it.
Rest assured, they are all for watching.  We are mousie-hunters here .  Not that if one deds itself on the deck door we dont want to get out and examine it.  The "thump" on the glass gets us all to come look (even TBT).  And we do catch a couple of sparrows each year, but just if they are REALLY REALLY stoopid and stare at us from a low shrub branch.

I mean, we get birdy-food every day.  Not worth chasing.  But MOUSIES, we don't get those as often as we would like...  And TBT says we have too many in the yard and they eat flowers and his garden.  So we get rewarded for catching THEM!