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Friday, May 01, 2020

Flashback Friday

Today, we are looking back at this week in 2010.  TBT saw Iza gazing longingly at the windersill that looks out over the front yard. So he opened the screened window and put an old deskstop computer under it and she managed the jump.

I was NOT thrilled, but TBT promised the puter wouldnt stay there long.   But the front yard window isnt exactly "mine".
So, we shared space on the windersill.  Naturally, she farted.  At least the window was open...
It was such a great place to watch the front yard... Woofies and Beins walked past.  Birdies sat in the bushes.
And it WAS kinna peaceful with her there.  We needed a bit of quiet closeness.
Good memories.