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Sunday, May 03, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

We are all taking it Easy today.

I am relaxin on the back of the big recliner chair on one of my MANY favrit mats.
Any extra softness is good.
Marley surprised us by curling up in the (doggie bed) that TBT thought was large enough to encourage anny 2 of us to nap together.  Well, Marley has been exploring new places ta nap lately.  He napped behind it a couple times (rather hidden with the high back), then decided it was OK to use directly.
TBT might put it on the corner of the bed to see iffen he likes it there (TBT tried it, Marley didn't like it).
TBT is takin an Easy Sunday too, but he says it is too much fuss with the camera to take a delayed picture.


BTW, about yesserdays picture...

1.  I was trying ta sniff the camera.
2.  Yeah, I have long twisty whiskers.  Its funny they showed up slightly on one side but not the other. TBT says "sunlight".
3.  Yeah that is an Iza paw on the side.   It was taken "The Day Before".   We are catching up on some pics.
4.  Which also reminds TBT that it is time to show off the whisker collection soon. 
5.  Yeah, I have l-o-n-g legs.