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Monday, May 04, 2020

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I've been wandering around the house finding new places ta nap.  I don't usually relax in the cat tree huts (Im a big cat), but I relaxed in one today...
BTW, since I mentioned I'm a big cat...  TBT weighed Ayla and me today.  She is 6.4 pounds.  I am 16.0 pounds.  Yeah, I know there are bigger heavier cats of course, but I think I'm up there among standard domestic short-hairs. 

And a little story...  Last week, I was out on the deck and suddenly saw not one but TWO introoder cats in my backyard.  They were checking each other for a fight about MY YARD.

Well *I* went out there and told them whos YARD it REALLY was!  We got squared up in a triangle and checked each other out.  They both suddenly ran over opposites sides of the fence.  One was even so scared it failed the first jump and had to try again.  I didnt even bother to chase them.  I didn't need to.

Neither will be back soon.

There are no pictures.  Dads camera is too slow and it was too far away.  But he saw, and that is good enough for me.