Sunday, May 31, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

Its an Easy day...  We are all just sitting around. 
Thinking about going out...
Watching the outside.
A little tongue action..
Watching fer birdies to hit the door maybe...
Laz is watching us...
 To see how things werk here.
A nice calm day...  Things are going good here.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  I like my hut sometimes.
Cosy.  Safe.  Protective...
But then there is dinnertime...

Friday, May 29, 2020

Flashback Friday

Today, TBT wants to go back from before our time.  He found this picture and it reminded him of An Event...
Back 60 years...  TBT was like 10 or something, and was his own Dads caddy.  His Dad was an scratch golfer which TBT says meant like "no handicap" of hits or something.    His Dad could hit a golfer ball an it would go low at first  then rise up and settle down in the middle of the playing field.

But TBT had a joke ready.

One day, his Dad hit a ball wrong like way into the woods and asked TBT to toss him another.  That was the moment TBT had been waiting for.  He tossed his Dad a ball and his Dad was so upset, he dint look at it carefully.

When TBTs Dad hit the ball, it exploderated into a cloud of dust.  His Dad just stood there confused.  His golfer buddies looked at TBT and fell on the ground gasping (laughing).  Seriously, they couldnt even talk fer minutes!

It was a golf ball made of chalk.

TBT told us about that today seeing the golf ball picture, so we thought we should share it.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thankful Thursday 13

TBT:  I am thankful for my 3 cats.

1.  I am thankful they are getting along.
2.  I am thankful to see all 3 on the bed sometimes.
3.  I am thankful to see any 2 eating close to each other.
4.  I am thankful Marley does not resent another male cat.
5.  I am thankful Ayla has mostly stopped hissing at Laz.
6.  I am thankful for Lapis Lazuli.
7.  I am thankful that Laz stopped hiding in fear and welcomes my attention, usually.
8.  I am thankful Laz is wandering around the house in the daytime.
9.  I am thankful that Marley and Ayla seem to be accepting him.
10. I am thankful that Laz is accepting them.
11.  I am thankful that Laz is accepting my attention.
12.  I am thankful that he is a jumper.  It just seems right.
13.  I am thankful he is adjusting to canned food and the scoopable litter boxes.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Werdy Wensday

MARLEY:  I sure love my hammick!

Laz is a decent brofur!  He sniffs politely and follows me around the house a bit.   He is still learning Being language though.  Ayla and I and TBT are werking on that.  He has caught on to "dinner" and generally understands he has a new name (in a new home).  TBT talks to him constantly, so he is starting to learn words.  It way be a week of two before he posts on his own.  Or mebbe tomoorow, who knows? 

It was easier for Ayla and me, we were younger.  But he will be ready soon, Im sure.

Meanwhile, a few catscans, er "obervations".  Laz is a real run-around!  He knocks stuff over.  Broke a vase yesserday.  Well, he doesn't know where evrything IS yet.  Takes a while.  But he has also become a real attention-lover.  I dont mind, I get plenty myself and so does Ayla.

If annything, we get more.  TBT is being really attenative to all of us.  Making sure we all feel loved and scritched.  So things are working out with the newbie.

OK, it IS my post, but I can let Laz have some pictures...  Im the older brofur an can be generous of space...

Laz rests...

BTW:  Ayla dint wanna come in last dim.  TBT finally went out to the front yard and saw her chase a big male cat (that *I* have had even had problems with)  right out of the yard an unner a driveway car!  She came back all proud and puffed up.  Well I could only watch from a window, but I did yell to TBT about it which is why he ran outside.

TBT gave her the last of the Kangaroo treats as a reward!  I and Laz got a few too.  But she deserved them.  I even pawed one of mine in her direction...  She loves those.

I may not be the only mancat in the house now, but I am still the elder one and still have responsibilities.  Now I have Laz ta teach. 

I miss Iza.  She was more my size (and fiesty but sometimes cuddly).  But Laz iz getting OK.  TBT woke up last night and all 3 of us were on the bed around him.  Laz furthest, but I consider that a good sign.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Caturday Saturday

TBT:  Today, I buried Iza and set her memorial marker over her.  If you want to see the pictures, they are HERE. I know such things can be upsetting.  I think it respected a beloved cat.

LAZ UPDATE:  Laz has suddenly become MUCH MORE FRIENDLY.  He occasionally accepted (and enjoyed) scritchies a few days ago, but he was a bit twitchy about it and would suddenly run off.  Well, something finally "clicked in his mind", and I am suddenly the best thing since sliced bread.  Well, in cat terms, maybe a live mouse trapped in a bathtub.

3 days ago, he suddenly started rolling and mewing at my feet for attention.  And I gave it fully.  He might not be a lap cat (yet) but he tolerated it for minutes.  He is a roller, stretcher, and grabber-with-paws.

2 days ago, I opened the bottom drawer of my dresser (basically full of stuff I don't wear often) and he spent some time digging around in it (I figured it seemed like a REALLY COOL LITTERBOX to him and I was prepared to wash everything in it - a cheap price for making a new cat happy), but he settled in to sleep for most of the night.  He was actually aggressive in seeking me out and demanding attention that day.

Yesterday, he began to follow me around the house.  Not at my heels like Iza, but very often being in the same room (as opposed to hiding UTB)!  And feeling comfortable sniffing both Marley and Ayla.  Marley doesn't mind; Ayla is unsure sometimes.

He is very much a nightcat.  Almost all day, he sits under the waterbed headboard, so I put 2 bowls under there with him (1 canned, 1 dry of the Foster's suggestion).  But come evening, he is around the house and wants attention.  He gets it.  

Last night, he was walking around the bedroom (he talks loudly and frequently) and I finally encouraged him up on the waterbed.  He was uncertain, so it took some calling to him, but he finally came up and got scritchies.

And stayed ALL NIGHT pushed up against me!  And he is a hot little body.  But that was a major adjustment, and I am glad for it.  It is still a bit "near and far" for him (apparently by time of day), but if he has gotten to the point where he can sleep for hours nestled against me, he has mostly adjusted to his Forever Home.  And Me.  And Marley and Ayla.

Ayla has maybe had the most difficult time adjusting.  She hissed, she spit, she chased, she whapped.  Never in any serious way, but defending her position in the house, I suspect.  And she has calmed down too.

I have seen Laz and Ayla sitting calmly near each other, both walking side by side down the hallway towards me, and eating close (both like to eat in the bedroom).  I have caught them talking to each other.  I know they say cats only "meow" to people,  but they do make "merf-merf" sounds to each other.  Not often, but they weren't looking at ME.

Laz is either a bit destructive or clumsy (not knowing where everything is in his new home yet).  He knocks things over.  I found a vase broken on the floor, a desk lamp over my bed on the pillow, and a new roll of TP had puncture holes in it.  We'll worry about that later when Laz is more settled-in.

I never know who is eating what or where these days.  Marley is used to eating in the kitchen.  He loves his Stinky Goodness, but for some reason, he demands dry crunchies at about 5 PM.  Ayla used to eat in the bedroom either on the shoe rack folded towels or on the dresser, and she won't eat there lately.  Demands windowsill eating (at 3 different windowsills).

Since I released Laz from the Mews Room, I don't know WHERE he eats.  I put both canned and his dry food under the waterbed headboard, in the Mews Room, and next to him wherever he is.  Marley is a good scavenger; he can find food anywhere.

The important thing is that nokitty is losing any weight, so I suppose I just go on like this for a while until I learn who really wants to eat where.  I would LIKE to have them all eat 3 daily meals in the same place so I know what they eat, but this is not yet the time to "push them" about that.

But again, the major news is that Laz spent all last night on the bed next to me.  I can go forward with that!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Flashback Friday

Todays flashback comes from Aug 2011.  It was common then to have all The Mews in the cat trees at the same time...

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for TBT, our Dad.  He turns 70 today.  That is SO OLD we can't figure out how he isnt dead yet.  He must be like the oldest something-like-cat EVER!  No wonder he has learned to walk on his back legs...

And he better stay around a while.  We cant open the cans and Laz is only 2 1/2 years.  And he is fun to have around...

He is good ta groom...
His furs fit purrfectly!
And he has proper feets!

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  Well too much lately not about ME!  So I made sure TBT remembered I have a handsome tummy...

With curly-paws...
And a aerial view with leg-drapes!   And my ever-modest tail.
That new kid tries ta flaunt what he doesn't have anymore.  Mebbe he doesn't even know.  I have a lot ta teach him... 

Monday, May 18, 2020

Mancat Monday - A Laz Update

TBT:  Until a couple days ago, I was wondering if Laz would ever adjust to the house, Me, and Alya and Marley.  The first good news is that Laz and Marley are quite calm near each other.

First here is a picture of the only "UNNER THE BED" area.  Laz wasn't there (having just run out of view), but look at all those whiskers sticking up!  I need to move the headboard away and collect those.  And then vacuum...
He isn't eating as much as I would like, but sometimes he suddenly eats a lot.  This bowl was filled with his accustomed dry food and he licked out every crumb.  Sometimes he eats some canned food, usually tuna.
I was curious to learn if he liked toys.  The Foster said he didn't.  So I put several on the floor in a pattern so I could notice any movement.   Apparently he does do SOMETHING with toys.  The next morning (after being enclosed in the Mews Room overnight), this mousie was up on one platform...
And this ball at the top.
That MIGHT be Laz fur on it.
He is strange.  Sometimes I can stand right next to him and take a picture and he is not concern  Shows his spotted coat, too..
He usually doesn't mind if Marley is nearby.  Yes, the place is a clutterred mess!
Papers on the floor are destined for the shredder, the bucket is collecting cables to save, and I keep shipping boxes until the warranty runs out (or I forget and they sit around forever)
Laz on a sudden bolt...  He is way too fast for my camera.
Laz checks out Marley often.  It may be Marley's personal smell or that he brings in outside smells which Laz is not used to.
Here, Laz is sitting in the Mews Room calmy...
And looking around ignoring me...

I saved the best picture for last.  Laz was sitting at the far end of the hall in dim light.  I took several pictures resting the camera against the wall for steadiness walking a step or 2 closer each time.  This was the best one I got (about 12' away).
Most of the pictures I get don't show his colors well, and curled up, he looks like a standard grayish tabby (and I have had and loved several).  But this one shows his more solid front and leg/head/tail markings.

On the adjustment part, Laz was becoming really good at hiding.  I followed him into the basement a couple of times but could never find him.  Finally, on Saturday, I discovered his secret!

I have a suspended ceiling in the basement.  Several years ago, I had a company lower the suspended ceiling I had installed a decade ago, to install fluorescent light fixtures.  They left two of them out because there weren't ones that fit the new way they did the support grid (I have to smile because I, an amateur, did it more efficiently).

There was a missing tile directly above a benchtop tool requiring only a 4' jump.  So I was standing in the basement wondering where Laz was hiding and I heard the "slightest" little sounds above me.  AHA!

I spread a bit of talcum powder on the top of the tool, and sure enough, there was some pawprints there after I saw him again.  I cut old large ceiling tile to fit the missing ones.  Laz doesn't get up THERE now, LOL!

The good news is that Laz is seen more often in the main part of the house.  He and Marley can be seen sniffing and sitting a few feet apart regularly.  Laz sits on the top platform of the living room cat trees.  He walks around the main floor looking around corners and sometimes "just sits around" (until he sees me looking at him).

And he alternates between being frightened of me and loving my attention.  If he is enclosed in a room with me, he loves my attention.  He pushes his head into my hand for scritchies.  If he is free to roam, he runs if I approach.  

It is going more slowly than I am used to.  Today is 2 weeks!  Skeeter, LC, Ayla, Iza, and Marley were "out and about" normally in 3 days.   Well, the Foster did say he had been in a stressful house before.

Whateever time he needs, he will get.  And the past couple days, he cries less, talks more, explores the house more, approaches Marley more easily.  Ayla has always been a bit of a "hisser".  and she is doing that less often. 

There will come a day when Laz either sleeps on the bed with me or comes on my lap.  I don't care which comes first.  We're getting there...

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  This is a great Easy day.  Bloo towel ta sit on and bloo pots ta frame my lovliness!
Who could ask fer annything more?
Well, OK, treats...

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  I got another one.  And this time Marley joined me in the fun.

Well, more where that one came from...