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Thursday, May 07, 2020

Thankful Thursday

TBT Here:  Yes, there is a new cat here.  Let's just say Iza led me to him.  Looking for a Tonkinese to replace her loving attention, I found a Siamese lynx seal point male from a private home.  He needed a Forever Home.  Iza said the female Tonkie is "in the future".  OK...

I am Thankful today.

Meet Lapis Lazuli!  It means "blue", and he has deep blue eyes and amazing paw markings.  His short name will be "Laz", but I know the "Lap" part of the name will be a part of his life too.

The name comes from a series of Robert Heinlein books about a character named Lazarus Long.  In his long-lived life in the future, he has 2 female clones created without his knowledge.  One is named Lorelei Lee; the other is Lapis Lazuli (Lori and Lapi, twins of course).

I originally expected to use them for 2 Tonkie female kittens, but "Laz" is good for a male and I will keep the Lorelei Lee name for the future.

Laz is a a 2.5 year old Lynx seal point half siamese half tabby.  He is spending a few days in The Mews Room (closed door) adjusting to his Forever Home.  He had some problems with pit bulls and children previously, so it is going to take him a while to destress.

I brought him in Monday.  All Monday, he hissed and hid.  Tuesday, he hissed and hid, but he allowed me to touch him in the morning and be picked up in the afternoon.  In the evening, he allowed stroking and chin scritchies and kneaded the carpet of the platform while I did so.

Once an hour, I've gone in to talk to him quietly, telling him he is in his Forever Home.  He isn't sure of that yet, but he will.  I'll give him all the time it takes.

He is still too stressed by this latest change of place to eat or poop, but nature will demand that.  He came with his accustomed food and litter.

Yesterdays pictures were from the temporary Foster (and very nice ones showing off his colors I will add).  So far, mine are poor, since he can barely sit free without wanting to hide.

But each time I visit him, he is a BIT more relaxed.  Like a computer bit at a time.  But progress is progress.  I got a first purr Tuesday evening.

Here are the pictures I have gotten of him here so far...

I already have the first whisker to add to the "Little Green Bottle". 
And the Foster pictures again.  Why not?  Look at those front legs!
And blue eyes...
I am going to be thankful for this one for many years...

Sometimes what you think you want is not what you actually need.  Laz needed me, and I realized I needed to help him.  I sought a replacement for Iza too quickly.  There will come a time for a beloved female Tonkie sometime and hopefully, not too long.  But today is not that day.  This is the time for THIS guy.  You can either experience the same comfortable thing over and over, or try something new.

For now, 2 mancats and 1 womancat as "The Mews" is new.  A half Siamese half tabby is new.  Changes in the future of The Mews will be decided in the future...