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Saturday, May 09, 2020

New Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  There is a new cat in the house!  Ya dont have ta be a MIGHTY HUNTER ta tell that.  Ive known for several days. 

But I figured that iffen there was, TBT brought it in, so it is gonna be part of the fambly.  So thats OK.  And the smell on the mat outside the door made it pretty obvious too!
I sat there and talked to it, but got no answer meow.
I wish I could open this door, but the secret of the metal opener still eludes me.
Sniff, sniff...  Hey, its a mancat!  That could be inneresting.  I wonder what a brofur is like?  Ive neffer had one before.  Its probably a good sign that it isnt hissing at me under the door.  That would be worrisome.
Well, I'll just sit here and talk.  Mebbe will come to the door  and I'll learn more about him. 
I kinna miss getting in the room and sleeping on the platform, but I DO remember being closed in there when I was new.  TBT sneaks in and out of our room hourly.  So I guess that does mean it is new. 

Ayla is paying it no attention at ALL.  I not sure if that means she is just ignoring it, doesnt quite realize it is there, or just waiting patiently to meet him.   Sometimes, I never know WHAT she is thinking!