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Sunday, May 10, 2020

High Sunday

First a note for 1 month since Iza went over The Bridge.  Hardly seems that long.  Feels like only days...  But it was April 10th and today is May 10th.  Wow...

Second, Laz's Foster said he showed no affinity for heights.  Well, I went into The Mews Room the other day and he was nowhere to be found.  It's not like there are a lot of places to hide, and I knew the ones he had found.  So I was wondering is he had somehow gotten out of the room as I left the room the previous time.  I couldn't imagine how, as he had been on the opposite side of the room, and I am pretty quick leaving.

So I looked around.  There are boxes on one side.  Could he have squeezed in the the folded tops?    Nope.  Was there a spot in the closet I hadn't examined?  Nope.  There is an old kitchen cabinet I use for storage.  Iza had learned how to open those.  Nope.

So standing there, I finally looked UP!  There he was.  Ayla is going to envy this mancat!  They may have jumping contests, but Ayla is almost 13 and not as good at levitating as she used to be.  She once jumped from the deck rail to the house roof (about 5') but she was 2 then.

Not much space up there to jump to.
See how far from the nearest jump point below?  Got to be 6'
He liked it there.  
I mean, that was a long jump to a tight spot with little clearance!
BTW, notice that cute tail-curl he has...
I got a ladder and lifted him off.  Nails clipped, he still had a great hold on everything.  But it was time for his daily look at the rest of the house.  Marley and Ayla were outside, so it was safe.  They were waiting to come in at the deck door, so I thought "visual only" was a good way to start.   They stared.  Nokitty hissed.  Good sign.

So I brought him back to the The Mews Room.  There were no trembles or hisses.  We'll see what happens when I let him out of The Mews Room.  I have to eventually.

There will be a few hissies in the main part of the house.  There may be some whapping as the pecking order adjusts.  Marley is calm and Ayla is small, so there won't be much.  It mostly depends on Marley.

There may even be some temporary territories established.  Iza and Ayla did that at first but it relaxed after a few months.   I expect after a week of them being together, "somekitty" will be seen napping with Laz.  It will be interesting to see who is first.