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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thankful Thursday 13 and Laz Update


1.  I am thankful for Iza's loving attention over the 12 years of her life.
2.  I am thankful she was a devoted lapcat.
3.  I an thankful remembering how happily she ate.
4.  I am thankful for her silken mink-like fur that was so wonderful to stroke.
5.  I am thankful for the way she stayed near to me each and every day
6.  I am thankful for the adoring eyes I saw every time I looked down at her.
7.  I am thankful for every night she spent under the blankets purring me to sleep draped over my hip.
8.  I am thankful for the sheer beauty of her.
9.  I am thankful for her love of toys.  She loved her rattley toy mousies.  And admired in the rather lethal way she skinned most of them.
10.  I am thankful that she would eat nearly any food gladly.
11.  I am thankful that, whenever we were outside and she lost track of where I was, she would call out in unhappiness until I called to her so she could find me and she would come running to me in for closeness.
12.  I am thankful for the unique way she had of sitting on her back with her rear feet planted against a wall.
13.  I am thankful I had the chance to have experienced her life.


I wouldn't combine posts, but things are happening more than once a day...And I just spent 30 minutes with Laz in The Mews Room.  There was an "encounter" Wensday afternoon. Laz was in the little cave of the platform tree and Marley was sitting calmly a few feet away.  Laz moved to the top platform and jumped past Marley, which triggered him to follow.  But there at the door was Ayla  with a hiss and poor Laz, not knowing where else to go, jumped straight up.  And came straight down on Ayla.

That didn't work well, so he ran into the computer room.  I was nearby and stepped into the computer room and closed the door.  Sat there a few minutes, them approached Laz slowly hand out for a friendly smell.  He knows I am safe and OK.

He called to me (better than hissing) and allowed me to pick him up.  He trusts me.  So I decided he needed a break from Marley and Ayla and brought him into the Mews Room and shut the door for an hour.  Brought in fresh water, his dry food, and some canned tuna.  Cleaned the small poopies and pee sawdust from the pine pellet litter.

Good news is that Laz likes canned food.  He scarfed down BFF tuna like the first slice of pizze you ever had.  The other good news is that when I went into the Mews Room and sat with knees crossed, he came to the front of the cave and I pulled him out gently and he and curled up on my lap! 

Guess who didn't have the camera on him?  But he settled on my lap and turned his head for chin scritchies and head rubs.  Then...  Fell asleep on my lap.  Limp as overcooked spaghetti!

So there I was, crooning to a sleeping cat on my lap.  It is amazing how easy it is to make up lines to the tune of "It's All Right" by 'The Traveling Wilburys'.  Most even rhymed, not that Laz cared (nor I really).

He slept contentedly and feeling safe on my lap for about 30 minutes hearing my voice, his name, and soothing sounds.  He eventually got up and sat next to me awhile before getting back up on the top platform to really sleep, so I stroked him there briefly and left. 

I'll open the door again this afternoon.  But I thought he need both a break from Marley and Ayla and some alone time.  He had been exploring the whole house a lot at night.  Let him process the experiences and space...


And I should explain something.  I think some readers thought the box for Iza was a cremation receptacle.  She wasn't cremated (though I think that is a fine choice).  It is just a surface marker that I built for her burial spot.  A reminder and location like a gravestone.

Iza will be buried between Skeeter and LC as soon as I can cut all the shrub roots out.  The plant is removed.  She will go there. I will be receiving a root-cutting tool in a day or two.
So much at once.  I apologize for all that.  Can't be helped though.