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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Werdy Wensday

MARLEY:  I sure love my hammick!

Laz is a decent brofur!  He sniffs politely and follows me around the house a bit.   He is still learning Being language though.  Ayla and I and TBT are werking on that.  He has caught on to "dinner" and generally understands he has a new name (in a new home).  TBT talks to him constantly, so he is starting to learn words.  It way be a week of two before he posts on his own.  Or mebbe tomoorow, who knows? 

It was easier for Ayla and me, we were younger.  But he will be ready soon, Im sure.

Meanwhile, a few catscans, er "obervations".  Laz is a real run-around!  He knocks stuff over.  Broke a vase yesserday.  Well, he doesn't know where evrything IS yet.  Takes a while.  But he has also become a real attention-lover.  I dont mind, I get plenty myself and so does Ayla.

If annything, we get more.  TBT is being really attenative to all of us.  Making sure we all feel loved and scritched.  So things are working out with the newbie.

OK, it IS my post, but I can let Laz have some pictures...  Im the older brofur an can be generous of space...

Laz rests...

BTW:  Ayla dint wanna come in last dim.  TBT finally went out to the front yard and saw her chase a big male cat (that *I* have had even had problems with)  right out of the yard an unner a driveway car!  She came back all proud and puffed up.  Well I could only watch from a window, but I did yell to TBT about it which is why he ran outside.

TBT gave her the last of the Kangaroo treats as a reward!  I and Laz got a few too.  But she deserved them.  I even pawed one of mine in her direction...  She loves those.

I may not be the only mancat in the house now, but I am still the elder one and still have responsibilities.  Now I have Laz ta teach. 

I miss Iza.  She was more my size (and fiesty but sometimes cuddly).  But Laz iz getting OK.  TBT woke up last night and all 3 of us were on the bed around him.  Laz furthest, but I consider that a good sign.