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Thursday, June 04, 2020

Thankful Thursday

LAZ:  My new Bein hlpin me here.  Hi.  My nme Laz (TBT here, Lapis Lazuli, but Laz for short),  Nice new house, hope I stay.  The Big Thibg says I will.  Gud!  I hide lot.  But luv sctritches.  Eat crunches.  But triid stink food a fw times and lik that.

Mrly gud to me. let me sniff and sit clse.  Ala hisy somtims but gettin betr.  We sat.  The big bein grat thng butstil odd.  Big and low sownds.  Not old moma beng.....  But oky.  Rubs gud.  givs fud. 

Mrly sez I will sty here forvr.  gud.  Got movd too many tims.  Frum bad place oncet and gud place befor here.  Smels ok here.  No woofs.  Fud is gud.  I smel a kity whoisnt here.