Sunday, June 07, 2020

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  It is vaguely annoying, but Marley and Laz are getting along as if they grew up together.  I mean, they EAT together!
Happily!  No fuss.
Look,  Iza and I had our problems, but I never saw how this could have gone before.   Laz is settling in.  He is friendly, but I'm not used ta having my butt sniffed all the time. 
He says he is curious about the strange smells we bring in from th outside.  OK, so the smell of mousies is new ta him.  but he could lay off for a bit.  I'm not used to this curiosity.

But we ARE getting along better.  Last night Laz and I slept against TBT and Marley at his feet.  And I am slowly getting closer to him. 
I envy them eating close.  And, with a bit of daring, I eat in the kitchen sometimes.  
Dad says that is good.

Laz hopped up on Da's lap a couple nights ago and stayed fer a while. 
He even turned around a bit.
Marley wasn't expecting that.
I guess we are stuck with him...
He seems happy.
I suppose it could be worse.