Monday, June 08, 2020

Monday Morning Sleepies

LAZ - Ayla only few feet from me.  I think tht is good.  Shes hissy butOK.  She isn sure of me yet.  I try ta be nice an play.    Learnin werds from The Bg Thng.  An Marly  he help.  He says i catchon fast.  I tlk bettr to TBT.  Marley says he is dad.    Hmmm, never had a dad.
AYLA:  Laz is doing "OK" .  Actally, he is kinna fun,  We run around the house together at dawn and talk a lot.   I havent had a talking Brofur before.  Marley is a bit quiet.   I could with less chasing mebbe, but I feel younger with Laz around. 
Last night, we both slept on opposite side of TBT and he did it pretty well.  Reached over an tapped me once but he said "hi" at the same time.  I can't get too mad about that.

But he runs aroun a lot an surprises me sometimes so of course I hiss.  Who likes ta be surprised?

He has some odd habits.  Like tryin ta jump on things that fall down.  I guess he will learn.  Was I like that at his age?    I dont recall.