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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Garden Tour Thursday.

 AYLA:  Im trying this out.  Marley will do it next week mebbe.  We are still deciding.  Lets take a look around the yard.  Marley is teachin Laz about cats coming over and giving them good foods.    Talk about two hungry eaters, MOL.  But I'll make sure there are snacks.

The Baptisia are blooming!  I love those.
But my favrits are the stargazer lilies.  They always amaze me.  Iza adored them.
he Knockout Rose doesn't smell at all, but it sure is pretty.
BT picked snow pea.  He actally EATS these things.  Fortuately, with pig  whch is sorta OK.
The lesser lies ar bloomin too.  Inna bunch, they look great.  We don't even sniff those, of course.
We still have "Happy Pansies".    One pot...
 Two pot...
A 1/3.
 and a big one.
The big area is still alive but there are weeds.  And I can't eat all THOSE!

We didnt do a lot this year, but that is good fer a start.  There are others growing and we will show them off when they do boom.

But it is time to get up on the shady deck and see what Marley and Laz have decided on for snacks.  I dread to discover...  I barley dare open my eyes...

Um, silvervinetinis?  3 balls stuffed with Nip?  Laz and Marley crunchies (OK that makes sense) .  And  OMC, a boiled chicken thigh.  Oh Bast TBT is gonna be ticked off!  No wait, it was a first "tour of the year" offerring.    And he is cutting pieces off and says he has more!  And oh good, they choose the tuna for the bowls...  And good clean water.  And good toys...  Whew!!!

Well, ya gotta get started right, right?  They may have possibilities yet.

BTW, TBT wants to mention that the 2 old pictures of meezers are from when he was quite young.  It was back when Meezers were home-bred.  The black&white pic of Kenani is from about 1961 and oldish .  Mom had a friend at the new house who just gave her one from a litter.  Mom looked up names and said "Kenani" meant "beautiful little girl" in Hawaiian, and she lived a long life. 

And we never knew where "Hai U Phin" came from but is was about 1966.  She said the name meant the same in Thai.  Who am I to disagree?  But she got outside one night and was hit by a car.