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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Skinky Saturday

LAZ:  I CAUGHT something!  In, as I cant go outsd yet.  Marly call it a snink, um skink.

The Big Thibg  noticed I was pawing aroun in cornrs and came over ta look.   I foun a wigly thing inside!
I folowed it an pawed it a bit.
Marly come over ta see what I was doin.  That when he tole me it was a skink.  An sed he wud show me what ta do.  
Whiat meant he grabbed it a tuk it away.  Hey!
But I did notice he picked it up in his mouth.  Like what I been doibg ta toys and I gess that is why I do that...
OMC!  There are 2 of them...
I grabbed the near one and Marly grabbed the other.

TBT HERE:  I have to smile at this.  Marley, the "experienced" hunter, got fooled by the wriggly tail, leaving Laz the skink itself.  Marley ate his prize and went away.  Laz tried to figure out what to do with the actual skink for a while.  He eventual lost interest.  I think he might not know what to do with "food that moves", LOL!

I took pity on it and dropped it over the deck rail into a shady weedy area to recover.  Maybe they will meet again someday...